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wanting to copy jpeg to dvd to watch on dvd player

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i want to back up my pictures on my hard drive and burn them to dvd and be able to watch on a dvd player approx. 1000 pics , is there a easy way to do this, any help would be great and step by step guides???? thanks
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Jeanc1 Suspended account
Dont know why you didnt search in here -- ? This question has been asked like 100 times ! ((Smiles))

Loads of shareware at a decent price available -- !

MemoriesOnTV -->

ProShow --->

DVD Photo Slide -->

Of course you have the expensive ones like Sony Vegas and Ulead
if you want to spend big bucks !
Most of the newer DVD players will play jpegs. If yours does then it also will play them in a simple slide show. Just burn with your favorite program and enjoy. If you want more sophisicated shows, then follow the previously posted suggestions.

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