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Picking up where i left off in dvd2svcd

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i am learning this program atm and consequently am getting errors, many because of my own stupidity. The last error was a stream error, the cause of which i found out ot be that i had run out of hard disk space. (yes i know)

and here is my question:

in this case i was converting a DIVX to a DVD usng cce with dvd2svcd. When the program stopped, it was in the process of writing the DVD folders. The encoding had been done and the muxed files had been created.

How (or to what extent) can i continue where i left off? It seems like a shame to have to start he whole thing again when so much had already been completed.
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try out TFM the film machine, easyer to use than your app and encodes with CCE and has DSroba 4 paases of CCE in 1 pass

excellant app cant live without it

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

Thanks very much for the tips, and, you are right, it is great, but I still need the answer t the question.

help me please? Which are trhe individual apps that i need to continue from each stage?

Best Kurios

if you still have the .mpv file and .AC3 you may be able to author these in TMPGEnc dvd author ?

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

ok, i will try. thanks for the reply.
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