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Gadmei ComboTV box TV3488A (Need Help)

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i bought a tv box off ebay and the seller failed to include an english user manual i was wondering if any one could help me work out how to connect it to my computer to get it to work
thankz for your help...
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Hi there,
I have this TV tuner box "Gadmei TV3488E" ComboTV Box-VGA Series- which can be used with any monitor(LCD or CRT)to watch TV on the monitor(computer can be used too with the same monitor,well I have the same problem since I lost the guide I had.
I just bought the 3488E in Sri Lanka today. It has an English manual. I'll try to scan it this week and send the .pdf file if you still want it. Reply with an email address where i should send it.
hi, does your gadmei tv3488e has any probles with its video output? i mean mine is showing only black and white and i have already adjusted to the right tv system, do you guys have any idea what wrong?
yer video output is my prob... i can hear the sound but the screen just goes black
Anybody has any luck using this gadget? I just bought mine and although I can hear the audio, the screen is also black. There is nothing in the manual, just how to attach the cables.Please help.
Hi all,

I just got an TV3488E Combo TV box, and works fine in video mode with no signal present and in menu mode, but when I switch to tuner the monitor says OUT OF RANGE ! I can hear the TV sounds, video sounds but no image. By itself i can play the three games, but nothing more.
A LCD is the latest 19" wide screen and works fine with PC and LapTop.
Has anyone experience, of gender:
mine works fine with my monitor of type,brand,model,ecc...????

Cheers, Ljubo
I have a Gadmei TV3488E TV Box Combo VGA series. I can try & scan instructions if anyone wants them, but can anyone tell me how to connect the cables,from Toshiba laptop to Bush TV. I have a VCR & Cable connected. I would be eternally grateful.I feel rally stupid, but new at all this.
Don't forget to send me your e-mail address if you need the instrucions
Could you pls send me the manual for the TV3488E" ComboTV Box-VGA Series?
thanks ,
Waw2000 Suspended due non-functional email address
Hey cbreid
Its been real long time since I wrote any thing new, so can u send me the English manual if u got it scaned.
My email:
Waw2000 Suspended due non-functional email address
Hi banker,
I hope If I could help you, If you had scaned the instructions could you send me on my
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i have a fujitsu siemens inter centrino 1,40ghz and memory 256mb 400hz.I have a tv tunner gadmei utv310 and when i write after 1 hour the sound coming afer the picture but when i write from nero7 is ok.why?
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