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PS1 game burned to be played on ps2. how?

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ok i have a ps1 game on my computer the unzipped file consists of an .img .ccd and a .sub . Ive tryed to burn the cd using cloneCD but i think i burned the .img or something and messed but ANYWAY it doesnt work. How to i get these files onto a CD-r that i may run on my normal Unmodded Ps2?

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You need to have some sort of mod for your ps2 (modchip or boot discs).

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so there is NO other way?

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There is no other way.

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I have ps1 games backed up on my PC and i do not have my ps1 anymore but now i got ps2 and i try to play those games on it but it always gives me Unable to read error. my ps2 is modded but i do not know the chip name, i burn ps1 games on imation cds but none of them work...

I wanna play Final Fantasy 9 on my ps2 please help me on this
I have some PS1 games I want to copy to play on my PS2 with Swap Magic. What do I need to use and how? Thanks Wolf69
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Samw here wolf69 dude i got many Ps1 games to play on my ps2 i even downloaded Swap Magic iso and burned it on a CD but my Ps2 dosent read that too i always get Unable to read error...

Someone pro can help us so hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeelppppp....

1. a downloaded copy of swap magic is worthless
2. Once you do have the real swap magic disc, you are going to need to buy breaker pro also to play ps1 backups (ive also read that some versions of the ps1 gameshark and action replay will work).

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yep listen to sly_61019 he right if you have a playstation 2 and you want to play your psone backup you need breaker pro or if you have gameshark or a action replay for psone they will work but you need the Slide-Card or PSTwo Slim Kit Pro to be able to play them.
Can someone tell me what program to burn PS1 games? I have a Swap Magic disc slide card. Can't I just burn the games and play them with the Swap Magic CD? Please Help! Wolf69
Wolf69, I use Alcohol 120% and Clone CD.
Thanks liveonps2! But what do you burn it as? Let me know Thanks

I had the same problem a few months back and no you cannot back up ps1 games and boot with swap magic you either need a mod, or breaker pro, and i have seen around here that specific versions of game shark and action replay will work too, Personally i modded my ps2 and i love it no more swaping i used duo2 15$ def worth looking into
Thanks cua 1009! I have a mod in one of my three PS2 in the house. I use the Swap Magic on the other PS2's. They are hooked up for online. me and the Son play Socom 2, Battlefield 2, Conflict, etc. The modded PS2 will play the burnt PS1 games? Also if so how do I burn them and with what. I have Clone CD and Alcohol. Help!!!!!
well first you need to be sure the mod is psx boot compatible and then...

From Tokijin's Quick Links:

14. Q. How do I burn PS2 CD-ROM based games?
A. Use Alcohol 120%. Open Alcohol 120%. Insert the disk you wish to create the image from in your CD-ROM drive. Click image making wizard. Set the read speed to 1x, check ignore read errors, fast skip error blocks, set the write Method to DAO/SAO, select your recorder, set the write speed to 4x, and set the datatype to PS2. Click next. Once the image is created, right click it and go to image burning wizard. Set the write speed to 4x, the write method to DAO/SAO, the data type to PS2, and select your recorder, click next.

15. Q. How Do I burn PSX games?
A. Same method except set the datatype to Playstation.
Thanks! But does PSX mean PS1 games. Thats what I want to copy. Also the Mod Chip I have is Magic 3. I don't know if it will play burnt PS1 games. But I will try it out anyways.If it don't work I will have a beer coaster for the garage.LOL. Thanks again for the info!
Just get a real PS1 game put it in your PS2 (you need a fliptop), once the PS1 logo pops up, swap your ps1 disc with your burned one, then it'll play ;).

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Thanks! But the hole idea of burning the Ps1 games are to get rid of the original's. I want to burn the PS1 games and play on my Modded PS2. Thats it.... Later
KingPie I just want to burn the PS1 games and play them on the modded PS2. Don't want to get a Flip top. I have one PS2 with a Magic 3 Chip.Also Two PS2's for Swap Magic. I have 200 PS2 games copied. Later
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Summary of this thread:

Yes, for a PS2 to play backed up PS1 games it must be modded in some way.

1) You could use another PS1 (original copy) to boot up and then swap in your copy. But you still require a flip top case for this method and the timing can be tricky.

2) You can use a Game Shark to boot up and then swap in your copy. Only requires a flip top case.

3) You can get a mod chip, which will take care of the problem. Make sure it is PSX comptiable as well, not all are.

I think you can substitute the Game Shark with Action Reply, or similar. Anything with a valid boot table (of equal or greater size than your backup copy).

A - Swap Magic discs, Game Shark, etc. can NOT be copied. The boot tables are pressed onto the discs and not copyable. Don't bother. (This was also stated by sly_61019 in a post above)

B - Slide cards won't work to play PS1 discs in a PS2 unless you can get the disc to stop spinning. With a flip top, just pop the top fast and swap the cd's.

C - PSX and PS1 are the same thing. (Also stated by KingPie)

D - Backing up PS1 games can be done fairly reliably using CloneCD, Alcohol 120% (What I use) or Nero. I'm sure there are plenty of other good programs that I don't know about. (See cua1009's detailed post showing step by step instructions above)

E - If you are going to use a Game Shark (or similar) with a flip top lid, make sure to file off the tiny tab located on the rear left side of the tray that holds the disc in when the PS2 is turned vertical. Trying to swap a moving disc and not hitting that tab can be tricky and could scratch your disc. It's not like your going to use the system on it's side with a flip top anyway.

My personal method: Flip top case, Swap Magic 3.6 (Combined set for $37) for my PS2 games and Game Shark v5($10 on Ebay) for my PS1 games. Alcohol 120% to back them up on an HP300dvdi.
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Thanks for all the info. Now can someone tell me how to burn the PS1 games? PS1 is the some as PSX? My Chip is a Magic 3. Help!!!!
PSX is PS1, wtf, who told you its different? Just burn it like a regular CD! Works for me ^_^. I don't wanna be rude or anything but since this topic is active, how can I fix the screen position for PAL games on an NTSC PS2/TV? thanks.

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The Game Shark lets you adjust your screen location, possibly this would fix your PAL problem. I don't have a PAL backup to test it at this time though.

I don't have gameshark T_T.

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Then we're both out of luck. ;)

I just got mine off ebay for under $10 with shipping. Well worth it. Of course, that is if it actually works with PAL stuff. Otherwise it's probably not worth it to you.

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