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How 2 Rip Gamecube game 2 ur pc?

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hello, im trying 2 rip couple of my games i bought to my pc so i can play with my friend using an emulator. i was wondering how you rip a gamecube game 2 ur pc? anyone know?

Thank you for anyone who takes the time 2 read this. :D
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you can buy a modchip (which i should of done) or read the 'Full Guide to Gamecube Backup/Booting' thread

i have not gotten this way to work but it seems like other ppl did ?:/
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type my name in the search thing and u will c useful posts. I have answered this loads of times and cant realy be bothered to direct you ;)
Or search my posts, i have explained too =D

Well, first get equipment said on 'Full Guide to Gamecube Backup/Booting' thread, then do what it says, with this replaced by ripper: (best ripper i know)

Or, do same without PSO, but use a modchip instead, by uploading ripper's .dol to modchip.

That's it.

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but u've posted so many useless relys lol, the man will get lost searching! lol :D
i dont think you guys understand what i waan do hehehehe :P. what im tryign to ask is get my gamecube game rip it to my computer so i can play the game on my computer with an emulator. i wanan knwo how 2 do that... i dont want to knwo about mod chip my gamecube lol
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bruv, theres a sticky on how to do this at the top of this tread using PSO.

or look at this which i posted like a week ago! Questions seem to be repeating themselves again :D
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