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Medal of Honor US & UK Patch

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Hi. I'm having installing this patch. I have an english release of the game (so I believe it's a US or UK release because all the files are on english).
When I run the file MOHAA_UKUS_ONLY_patch111v9safedisk.exe (I got from EA site) I receive the message: WARNING: Could not find the UK or US version of Medal of Honor Allied Assault instaled on your computer. Setup now will exit. and the patch does not install.
What can I do? Pleas note I found in the net many similar posts , but I didn't find any satisfatctory answer to it.
A possibility I thought is that, since my PC's Windows version is Italian, the EA Games's Directory is C:\PROGRAMMI\EA Games\ and not the default one (C:\PROGRAMS\EA Games\ or C:\PROGRAM FILES\EA Games\ ?).
Must I simply move the game (what's its English right name?) so the patch will fint the game or must I change the registry, and how?

Thanks in advance.
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hey -aldaco-

Somtimes (and I know from experience) that the actual download page is corrupt and must get the patch from another download site.

the patch does not look for your computers native language but the softwares directory language, which in this case is english.

try typing "MOHAA patch" into google and you will see more sites that host a patch, or try here

Any more help fell free to ask.
Not exactly. I disagree.
The patch was gotten from EA site and there was also a copy of it (which gives the very same error) in the Disk 1 of MOH expansion: 'Spearhead', since the application of that Patch to MOH - Allied Assault is necessary, for MOH - Spearhead to run.

I read, on the net, that in a similar case the registry had to be edited:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EA GAMES\Medal of Honor Allied Assault\1.1.12.XYZ]

with XYZ not equal to 200, had to become


Anyone ever read about this? The game is an original game (I don't remember how many years it is old) an UK guy lent to my brother and I would like to be able to fix this annoying problem.
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