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For reasons that are beyond me, I need to demux the video, one audio stream, and one subtitle stream from a .mkv and mux them into one .avi. I have the streams, a sound-less, sub-less .avi, an .mp3, and an .ass subtitle.

Does anything support adding .ass files to .avi's? When I try to convert formats to .srt or .ssa, I lose special formatting.
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if you want to join the AVI file with the subtitle stream I think you'll have to re-encode teh video, this will result in lower quality than your original. I am not too sure of how to convert between avi's but i remember reading in this forum that you can use VirtualDubMod. I have successfully used the program to encode the an .ass subtitle stream using the filter capability and frame serving but i took the AVI and converted it to mpeg2 for dvd burning. THis may still be of help.
Thanks for that link, it showed me exactly how to do it. I had to reinstall VobSub and include the TextSub filter plugin to do it.

Re-encoding the video I knew about, and the source AVI I had was close enough to my target size so that very little visible quality loss was present.
I'm glad i was able to help! Did you by any change play with the location of the subs on the AVI? were you able to move them around? I'm currently having problems with this
I wouldn't want to move the subs around, since their location was part of the reason that I couldn't / didn't want to convert to another sub format. I can change the line break formatting, and I had to scrap three encodes of the movie since I had no idea what exactly was in the sub formatting and what wasn't.

*joke*Knowing this, plus my newfound knowledge of SubtitleWorkshop, may lead me to the dark and sunless world of Fansubbing.*/joke*

To edit a subtitle BEFORE you encode it, try SubtitleWorkshop. You can find links to it everywhere on these forums. If you load a movie, you can do whatever you want with the subs while seeing it in action. Give it a shot.
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