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how to play .rar files on psp

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*agent47* Suspended account
i got lots of psp games in rar files.

one game is fifa.rar.

how do i play this? i have fastloader and 1.5v psp.

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You downloaded that prolly. So your going to need WinRAR to unpack it to the .iso form to work with fast loader.

In fact I think we would be fooling our selves if we have a community this large, and did not realize that there are some enemies present.
Then just put the .iso file that you get from unpacking the .rar file into the ISO folder on your PSP.
*agent47* Suspended account
love u guys so much. its worked

by the way i did not download them

i bought dvd of ebay
No offense but you're an idiot, I can't believe you bought ISOs and gave some guy on ebay money for something that he probably downloaded for free off the internet and put no work into it. If you really want to spend money on games at least buy the real game so that developers get something for their work.
*agent47* Suspended account
i would rather pay 6 on ebay 4 6O games than pay 35 for one original game. secondly i got a monthly download limit so i cant download games. and its less hassle
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