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Connecting Denon AVR (2805) to 2 speakers (stereo mode)

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OK, first the disclaimer. I am a total moron when it comes to audio so this question is probably going to be lame. Forgive me.

My stereo I had since college died recently (insert tears here) and I decided to upgrade into the world of home audio/home theater. Needless to say, a lot has changed since I was last on the stereo market. I cannot afford the system I want (with the 50" plasma and speaker set I am looking at it would cost over $7k). So I decided to upgrade in phases. I purchased a Denon 2805 AVR (I know they are discontinued but that's how I got such a good price on it). I also bought a new Denon CD changer (DCM 380). My idea was to use my existing TV and speakers for a few months to a year and then pop for a 5.1 speaker set later when I can afford it.

Problem is now that I have the box in my house, I cannot seem to figure out how to connect a 2 speaker stereo system to the Denon AVR. The minimum number of speakers addressed in the manaul is 3. Is it possible to connect this to 2 speakers? If so, which 2 outputs should I use (Front L&R, Surround L&R)? My speakers are 3-way Kenwood KS-H91's which are 8ohlm speakers with 180W maximum input.
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gerry1 Suspended account
Howdy guy! Yes, what you're asking is possible (2805 is a nice machine) I'm in a real hurry at the moment but will explain first thing in the morning if no one else does. It's easy.
Thanks so much. I will look forward to your reply.
gerry1 Suspended account
Howdy sfo1sjb. My ride is going to be late so I thought I'd get back. My AVR is the 3805 but I've been told the setup is nearly identical so I'll take the chance. It's quite easy.

You need to be able to see the display either on the TV or on the front of the unit. I strongly suggest that you connect the AVR to the TV though if only for the set up...the TV will have a full display of all the options which will make your choices obvious; the front of the unit doesn't have the room to display everything.

1) Press "system setup" on your remote and it will display the "System Setup Menu"

2) On the menu (system setup menu) choose the "speaker set up" option.

3) Choose "Speaker Configuration" and your choices will be clear when you see it in front of you.

4) For the front speakers choose "large" (you need to choose large without a sub.

5) It will list all the other surround etc. etc.... just choose the "none" option for everything but the fronts.

6) Keep pushing "exit" until you're out of the menus.

Again, I strongly suggest connecting to the TV for this (even if you disconnect afterwards)...choosing from the the front of the unit will be difficult as it can only show one option at a time.

That's all there is to it. I haven't looked up your speakers so be careful, the 2805 is a pretty powerful until and the "180W maximum input" on your Kenwoods...well, lets just say that those ratings can be nebulous so be careful. Hope this helps...right back if you have questions. Gerry
You are awesome. Thanks so much. I'll post a reply and let you know how it went.
So far no luck. I cannot get the system to stay on. I turn it on and the system shuts itself off and the standby light blinks quickly. Troubleshooting says to check for overheat (can't be, not running yet) or a short in the wiring of the inputs or speakers. Still playing with it to see if I can figure this out.
gerry1 Suspended account manual says the same. I'm afraid I can't help with this's out of my league. I will ask a more knowledgable buddy on the system to jump in.
gear79 Suspended account
i am here from a PM from my buddy gerry...
what ohms are your speakers rated at?
sounds like the load is too great... therefore your unit shutting off.

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gerry1 Suspended account
His Speakers are Kenwoods KS-H91's, 8 ohms, 180w max input (??)
gear79 Suspended account
opps, did not read the whole thread.

unless he has a bare wire touching metal to metal or another, thats all i can think of and besides the setting being to 2 or 3 speakers.

edit: typo
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gerry1 Suspended account
Thanks Gear!
I am afraid this unit must be bad. I disconnected everything other than the power. The system does the same thing. It starts up, appears to run through self checks and then shuts down with the flashing red light. This does not seem right. Can't be anything wrong with the speakers as they are not even connected. Should I return it?
gerry1 Suspended account
No, I don't think it has anything to do with your speakers...hell, how can it be if you can't even get the damn thing turned on? I'd return the unit...something is very wrong with this picture. I don't know where you bought it but you should try throwing a temper tantrum and creating a scene if they want to service it instead of giving you a new one. I know plenty of people who had 2805s and 3805s who connected only two speakers and built the system one piece at a time and they never had the problem you're describing. Something is very wrong. Don't let a bad experience sour you on the unit though; the 2805 is awesome but seems you got a lemon. Also, Gear posted a great site for relativly inexpensive speakers with relly good specs. Will find it and post it. Might be worth a look when you're ready to buy speakers.....Gerry
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gear79 Suspended account
yeah, i had the same problem with my Yammy.. it was only 2 weeks old and acted up. had a bad DSP board.. i raised hell on that unit, i paid over 6 bills for mine and they wanted to rebuild it.. i demanded a new one, they finally gave it to me and some free banana plugs for my inconvience...

return it for a new one..

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Gear and Gerry,

Thanks guys. I really appreciate the assistance. I'm taking this back for a new one. I've heard nothing but great things about the 2805/3805's from Denon so I can't wait to hook this up and hear it!
gerry1 Suspended account
Get back to us and let us know how you made out!...Gerry

P.S. By the way, I don't know what kind of TV you have but you have to be careful with your Kenwoods on top of or directly to the side of your TV ... at least CRTs. I doubt that your kenwoods are shielded which could make minced meat out of your TV.

Secondly, do you know anyone with an extra speaker laying around (even if it isn't wonderful) that you could use as a center? (the 2805 will control its volume seperately). You'll find that using two speakers is certainly doable and will sound better than your TV anyway but it can get a little weird because the picture on your screen becomes something like a talking head with the sound coming from the wrong having a vantriloquist on once side of the room and the dummy on the opposite. For lack of a better explanation, your 2805 is designed to extract the dialog for the center will sound a lot better even if the thing is kind of junky (just lower the volume on it). Music will sound fine without the center but TV and video will be a bit weird...doable...but a little strange. If you can find something to use as a center but it isn't shielded (and it probably wouldn't be) DON'T put it right on top of the TV! Get back to us and let us know how you made out....Gerry
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gear79 Suspended account
or you couls always return the denon for a yammy... hehe

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gerry1 Suspended account
Well, he bought a Denon that was a dud; you bought a Yammie that was a dud ... he might just throw his hand up, say the hell with it and come back with some complete jack in the box system rather than have to deal with building a system! We'll see...I have to admit, I'm curious to see what our friend will come home with! a wierd sort of a/v soap opera!
gear79 Suspended account
my second yammy has yet to fail me... i love this beast.

the other day i was farting around with it, cranked up my settings and took the volume in the + range.... my god this thing rocked the house. shook all my pictures off the walls, (broke a glass, the wife was pissed) knocked all my dvds down, the alarm for the house was triggering, the sub kinda took a beating, but performed well under pressure... this was while watching stealth in DTS.. wow.

then switched over to satellite radio.. equally impressive..

he may come back with a new denon, or beat us all and get some top of the line unit... who knows.

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gerry1 Suspended account
I'll have to rent this "stealth" flick; I remember you and MovieDud going on about it in another thread. Should have my XCopy Platinum reinstalled by then too but I certainly wouldn't do anything as vile as copy a rented movie ;-).

I, too, did that with my system once. I really was amazed at what it could do. It wasn't a movie, it was actually E. Power Biggs on this massive pipe organ. It was awesome but, like you, I feared my sub...shit, I thought the thing would launch into space which was why I said in some other thread that I thought it was the weakest link in my system but, you know, in those days I didn't have a clue how to use it properly, I think I had both the frequency and the volume all the way up; guess I'm lucky it didn't blow up like a hand grenade!

Hey, tell me, I was telling our friend with the Denon lemon that he should never place an unshielded speaker near or on top of a CRT (I made that costly error myself a long time ago) but is that true also of plasmas, LCDs or rear projections? (Aren't some rear projections also "CRTs"?

Well, whatever our friend comes home with, I hope it's something good. You love your Yammie and I love my infinitely superior Denon (he-he-he) but they're both excellent systems and he would do well with either of them not to mention others. I hope he gets something good; so many people feel intimidated when first setting up a system...I hope he doesn't resort to something because it seems "easier". Now it's easy for me but the first time I set mine up I was cussing with language I haven't used since the Marine Corps, had two cigaretters burning in the ash tray as I'd light a third in frustration and when I'd consult the Owners Manual, I'd cuss even more because I didn't have a frekin' clue what they were talking about! I wish I could have the event on would have been a different version of Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde! It's easy, in fact it's logical, after you do it a couple of times. Well, take it easy guy and let's see what out boy brings back!
Gerry and Gear,

Thanks again. I appreciate the tip on the center speaker. I'll look for something because what you said makes a lot of sense.

I bought this via eBay from a store which offers money back guarantee. We'll see. I have no plans on going the easy route and buying the system in a box. I've stubbed my toes already, might as well go through the rest of the effort and get the dream system when I'm done. I have a couple of 2805's on my watch list on eBay now. There are some 3805's out there too but as near as I can tell all you get for the extra money is extra wattage per channel. Not sure I need 125 watts per channel for my living room. Am I missing any other benefits to the 3805?
gerry1 Suspended account
Well, I'd have to compare the two side by side again; you're right about the power (and how that much power isn't necessary)... the 3805 has Burr-Brown decoders while the 2805 doesn't, the 3805 has Burr-Brown decoders independently assigned to each channel while the 2805 shares them between channels and a bunch of other stuff which don't amount to a hill of beans unless your into bells and whistles. If I were you, I'd stick with the 2805 and put the extra bucks torward getting good speakers sooner. While gear and I joke about who has the better system, there are plenty of good ones. I don't know how ebay works but if you have to trade it for something else, let us know and we'll help as best we can. I'm glad you're going to build a system rather than take the (seemingly) easier route; you'll end up a lot happier with good equipment and when you watch movies, you won't regret having gone the better route when you hear the effects and great surround that cheaper systems just won't provide or sound canned and tinny. Keep us posted guy!
gear79 Suspended account
buying your system piece by piece is the only way to go in my book...

take it from me, thats how i started when i was a n00b.. (rookie)
bought my first piece of shit home theater in a box.. it was an RCA brand... prolly rated at....... oh... 50 watts a channel, and most likely over 10% THD @ lets say...8 ohms.
i was young, dumb, and had no clue.
anyway, i wont ramble on...

about e-bay........ well, ummm BUYER BEWARE...

what did you spend on it if you dont mind me asking? (total)

ever look into Onkyo........ @ circuit city?
try the Onkyo TXSR702 (or 3... has XM radio)

@ gerry....... my tv is rear projection, and my center polk sits smack dab in the middle of it... rear projectors have guns (3 to be exact) and they dont distort the picture.. nor will it on LCD, DLP or plasma tv's.

i/we can steer you in the right directions sfo1sbj.......

just give me a budget and some time........ and i can hook you up..
gerry can too.........

i need to get movie dud in here, that boy has been scarce for some time now...

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I paid $499 plus $35 shipping. It is a new unit, not B stock. However, I think the thing got smacked around a bit in shipping. Might be why it's not working now. The back left corner is dented and the box it arrived in looks like it's been through the mill. The guy claims 100% satisfaction, 7 day return policy no questions asked. I paid via PayPal which guarantees seller terms so I think I will have no problem getting a refund. Question is where to get another 2805 at $500? I know Denon discontinued the 2805's. Is there a replacement? I have 2 2805's I am watching on eBay now and was planning on buying another one unless you guys think there is something better out there for the money. There was also a 3801 for about $500 but I am not familiar with that one.

I appreciate all of the information and will surely consult the 2 of you when I buy my other pieces. 5.1 speakers and plasma are the next steps, likely in that order.
gear79 Suspended account
like onkyo products?

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