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Torrent VS Newsgroups

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I have a quick question! I was wondering what the difference is between the two. Also, which one would you prefer over the other. Thanks
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Newsgroups are much, much better
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I find torrents way easier than news groups, newgroups are quite complex

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My personal preference is newsgroups, although there are not many free ones that allow downloading binarys, so a decent service will cost money!!

Torrents on the other hand are pretty simple to use and also free :-)

I tried using a newsgroup, but it was very confusing. I think it was newsbin pro or something along that line. Well I have a job and what not, so what newsgroup should I use? Also, which bitclient should I use? Maybe Ill use both... Thanks for the help

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I lived in AZ with COX cable internet and their newsgroup connection was amazing, got all binarys for free and got average speeds of at least 300kb/s...i now moved back to wisconsin using charter and although i still get all the binarys for free the speeds are no where near as fast and I have the same 3mbs connection. Anyone know why this is the case?

For the guy who started this thread, google it and try connecting to your ISP's newsgroup, if you use charter, it's, cox was if I remember correctly, then when you connect to them, download the newsgroup list and whatever you are looking for (games, dvds, apps) there will be a binary for it.

go here for more info on newsgroups
Quick question. Is it legal to download stuff from newsgroups?

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Im very confused! I download grabit and it wants me to put in some address. I dunno what Im suppose to do. Im using sbcglobal dsl. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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yo add ur isp ip address, that can be hard to find

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You need to add the server address of your ISPs news server.

It varies from provider to provider, something like or

They may have the info on their site.

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Cheers :-)

Im dreading the day someone tells me it's too big and I'll have to remove it!

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how big is it? I tried to save it but i can only be save as a .bmp and you cant really see the full size.

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It's a relativly big filesize for a sig, 169KB !!!!

It should save as an animated gif if you right-click save-as..

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ok lol i saved it .gif, b.t.w did u make it?

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You should contact your internet provider for the address, usually you can go to help or customer service, contact us, etc. I emailed Adelphia for mine. (Adelphia's is, I think.)

NewsLeecher is the best/most easy-to-use newsgroup client.

Newsgroups are absolutely faster than bittorrent, but beware if your internet provider has a newsserver limit (mine was something around 10GB.) I went over unknowingly, and couldn't download anything for a month.

There is some copyrighted material on some newsgroups; take caution.

I wish there was a way to search through all existing binaries, without having to subscribe/update each one -- there's probably a way, I just haven't found it.

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i was wondering what is the best for downloading xbox games.....and what is best for downloading movies...can somebody provide site.....i am using torrent right now but i was wonder if there is anything better or faster such as newsgroups.HELP PLZ!!!

well in my opinion news groups is way better then torrents but it will take some getting use too

it will frustriaght the impatient

beaware not all isp's have news groups

a good torrent client is bitspirit i like it better then bitcomet or bittorrent
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where can i get a newsgroup program

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and where can i get files to download to the newsgroup program...specifically xbox and movies is what i want...and if you know any sites where i can get software that would be of help also...thanks

well you would first starting by downloading a newsgroup client

i use grabit found here

then you would have to find out your isp's news group server in some cases its hard to find

then you will recieve a list of topics and check the ones that apply to you your gonna want the alt.binaries
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okay downloaded the program and installed it where should i go from here

find out what your ISP's news goup server is
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umm how would i go bout finding that out

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