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I hear that i2p wont become popular until ver. 1.0 comes out, when do you suppose that will be? And how secure and fast will it be? Can the mpaa/riaa still get you?

thanks lethal b, i have a feeling your going to be the first one to answer this :)

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thanks lethal b, i have a feeling your going to be the first one to answer this :)
DAMN! and this isn't even really my patch..I need to get out more

It will certainly have to be established before it becomes popular. It will have to be proven that you are totally anonymous. The thing is with anonymous networks, thus far, is that even though some offer genuine anonymity, they generally do not run as well as normal P2P.

I think the most promising project is Freenet:

But, until an anonymous really stands up to be counted, and offers a great service (something which is lacking atm), then your best bet is probably Bittorrent, with pg2 by your side ;)
JesusC Suspended account
so the neg. of freenet and other things like it is that not really any good files, and really slow downlaoad speed, is this true? Also i was just wondering how do they pick certain people to sue?

and we all need to get out more :\
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JesusC Suspended account

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