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DVD Dycrypter loading problem;UDF Parsing failed

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Just loaded DVD Dycrypter v and during installation the following fail occurred.

UDF File system Parsing Failed Device (1:0:0) Pioneer DVD-RW
DVR-110D 1.11 (E)
REASON: Function 'UDFFindPartion' returned 0

Whats happened and what do I need to sort the problem out?
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Uninstall that version of dvddecrypter, click on the link provided to download and install the latest version
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Lazyfish Suspended due non-functional email address
Did the D/L like you said and had no trouble backing up a DVD,
Thanks alot
Hello johnl123, it's me again with this same error. My problem is , I downloaded version last week. Before you suggest it, I just uninstalled and reinstalled it, still have same error. The movie this time is The Legend of Zorro with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions for me.
DVDdecrypter or DVDshrink can't handle this movie alone, their going to need some help (all you're really gonna need is shrink).

Rip the movie to your hard drive using a free ripper called DVDFab decrypter, it's kept up to date to handle the new copy protection placed on disks. DVDFab is a whole movie ripper so you'll need DVDshrink for transcoding in order to be able burn the movie onto a single layer disk, I suggest you reauthor the movie to remove all the extras and keep only the 5.1 AC3 english audio channel. When backing up have shrink create an ISO image file that you can autoburn with DVDdecrypter (you'll see this option in the dropdown menu when the backup tab is clicked on in DVDshrink), DVDdecrypter will automatically launch when the backed up file is ready to be burned to disk.

When DVDFab is done, it creates a VIDEO_TS folder containing all the video files, Run DVDshrink and click on the open files tab, browse to the VIDEO_TS folder, highlight it and click ok/open. At this point shrink will open/analyze the files, click on the reauthor tab and follow the guide, click backup tab and make your selections then click ok and wait for DVDdecrypter to launch and ask for media. Burn the back at a write speed of 4x.

Get DVDFab decrypyer here:

Here's a guide on how to reauthor the movie using shrink:
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johnl123, I just returned the movie that I have problem with prior to the method with dvdfab and reauthoring below. I will borrow it again to try it out, but wondering if you have any suggestion for me. I was able to rip it using DVD Decrypter in iso and file mode but after burning it on the Verbatim DL (due to 7.96GB movie) the main movie is black out. Is that some new protection?


P.S., I'm not too great with burning and not great with computer either. If I did not explain clearly enough please forgive me and let me know.
This movie is Sony ARccOS protected.

What you can try and do first is to :
Create a folder on your desktop and call it ZORRO

Take the backup you've made and put it into the pc's DVD-ROM drive (stop any auto run operations when inserted). Goto my computer and right click on the drive containing the disk, choose explore, look for a VIDEO_TS folder and copy paste the folder into the ZORRO folder. Remove the disk once done.

Get a free app called FixVTS, lastest version is a beta 1.24

Run FixVTS and put a check mark in both boxes, goto the VIDEO_TS folder you just copied, inside locate and highlight/choose all of the .VOB files, drag the files in to the bottom window of FixVTS, click on FullDVD and yes to any prompt displayed. FixVTS will now cleanup the files so sit back and wait, once FixVTS is done (the last thing it will do is update the video_ts.ifo file, but not display DONE) you should be able to open the files using DVDshrink, follow the guide above.
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Thanks, I will try that. Are these method for all movies with the same symptom (black out during playback) or is it refering to Zorro specificly. Cuz my movie is not Zorro, it is some Asian concert DVD.

Much thanks,
It's just one method that should work, sometimes you may need to try other combinations and find the one that works best.

Alkohol has great guides that you may want to take a look at:

Here -- it's called "To backup any dvds with DVD Decrypter, PSL plugins + FixVTS, VobBlanker and Nero Recode 2 by Alkohol". This is possibly one of the best method ever to successfully rip and backup any dvds/movies, regardless if it's RipGuard or ARccOS.
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