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psp game downloads onto memory card

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nms33 Suspended account
Hey, I've heard talk of this but I'm not sure if it's true or even works. Can you download psp games onto your memory card? If this is true, could someone please explain how to do it.

Thanks in advance
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you can you need a psp 1.5
and faslader - read my FAQs guide - Fiction & Poetry
nms33 Suspended account
I meant how to download psp games such as Need For Speed, GTA, ect. Do you know anything about this?
Yes. like he said. you need to have Psp Firmware Version 1.5. (go to system settings, then information and it will show the version. if you have above 1.5. then look into his guide to learn about downgrading then to learn about ISO's.and so on. just do some research.) either way i dont believe you can get the latest games like GTA or Need for Speed yet. at least i think from what ive read. :) there to save you time Raven......-ArtemusXi
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nms33 Suspended account
Neither you nor Raven answered my question. I read what Raven had said so why do you tell me what he already wrote. I want a guide or reference on how to download games from the internet to my psp memory card. stupid... :)
Speaking about memory cards, do you have any advices concerning size, normal vs high speed, etc.?

Thanks in advance.
i guess the newbie next to your name is exactly right. cuz if you would actually pay attention. and maybe do research YOURSELF instead of relying on everybody else maybe you would get the hint that you CANNOT just download games onto your psp and play them. in reality we thoroughly answered your question i guess the words are just a lil to complex for your little brain. peace.........

Yes you are able to download games and put it into your Memory Stick. In order to play downloaded games which are called ISO you must have the version 1.50. If not you have to downgrade your PSP, however downgrading is only available for version 2.00. Any higher versions cannot downgrade.
You will also need UMD Emulator or Fastloader to load the downloaded games! You can download them from the internet!
nms33 Suspended account
Where can I download these games?
you can't

its illegal - Fiction & Poetry
yer it is but i will give u a little help , use google

finished series 2 :D

was v1.5 (got stolen)new ceramic white 2.6---> downgraded to 1.5 :D movies tutorials games and more
dose any one know if there is a downgrader for version 2.60
well i know there is not(yet) but if there was where would i find one?
#13,is your best bet or you could use google and search for it
There is no downgrader for 2.60 yet, though i think they are trying to make one.
You can download games using bittorrent or by going to sites where they upload ISO's. One site a would recommend is
nms33 Suspended account
I searched on google for downloadable games and came up with a few paysites. and were two of them. Does anyone have any info on these? Can you really download unlimited games?

there scams and stop asking - Fiction & Poetry
jesus christ it aint that difficult! use torrents or IRC, there you go, question answered in 4 words. - friend of the forums, great guitar player
#afterdawn (well i have no idea where it is anymore)
alright thanks lads
nms33 Suspended account
How are these sites scams?
You have to pay to download from those sites when it says it is for free! Once you register for a account you will see that you can choose what plan of payment you want. I wouldn't use these sites though because many sites can let you download ISO's for Free! If you want a bigger variety of games you can use Bittorrent. Many People think Bittorrent isn't that good and that it is slow, but if you wanna download something big you can just leave your computer overnight. That's what normally I do because with my laptop I can just put the screen down and nithing happens. With computers you can just turn the screen off if you can't stand that light.
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People need to stop asking stupid questions and read crap. Its so annoying

30 gig crappy hp laptop
broken 24x cd burner
usb 1.1
netgear wireless card
(everybody else has the cool shit)
2.6 PSP W/ 2gb stick!
nms33 didn't listen to you guys & got hit by lightning for it.
Nelly Suspended due non-functional email address
im new to afterdawn and i just got my psp value pack
i downloaded gta for psp and need for speed rivals so does any1 know any guides or ways to get them onto my 1gb memory card PLEASE HELP
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you need firmware 1.50 use the search button u will easily find out what u need 2 no and dont say u didnt find it!!!
edited by ddp, there are like a billion posts on how to play isos on 1.5. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION.
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