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Best way to clean your burner....

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What's the best way to clean your DVD burner? I tried taking mine out and cleaning it with alcohol but I cannot access the laser.Has anyone on here used a regular dvd lens cleaner on your burner?

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I pull the cover off of the drive and use a QTip with Everclear

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or buy a can of "can air" and BLOW it out
OK,I'll try the can.I've used it to clean off my keyboard...I'll try it on the burner.Like I said,I would try the Q-Tip and alcohol but I cannot access the laser.I took it out but I cannot get to the laser.
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This is my quote on another thead, on this site in responce to a question. Do I clean my units every 10 hours?

Have a ilo RHD04 over a year old
Another ilo RHD04 That I have had 2 mos but I believe it is 1 yr old
A Cyberhome 1200 [same as ilo 05 without DV input] about 3 mos old
An Apex 3201 over 4 years old

All are used a little over average except the older ilo 04 it is used very heavily
All work perfect None have ever been cleaned, if you are referring to the laser.
For no specific reason I have blown them out with canned air on occasion but not often

I feel that removing the unit and attempting to clean the laser can lead to problems that weren’t there to begin with
If the laser on a burner is so dirty that the unit has to be removed, for clesning, you have subjected the burner to a dirty environment that it shouldn’t be in, in the first place
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DVD's that I have burnt are playing well in my DVD home player but are freezing in my home computer. They originally played well in the computer DVD but now don't. Any suggestions? Computer is only 1 year old. What is a good DVD cleaner? Using good media so I am confused.

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its probably your drive in your PC going bad ,try the dvd in another PC
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