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anydvd trial expired??just dl'ed it!!!

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heinen81 Suspended due non-functional email address
trying to back up new sony movie....did my research and found that dvdd and shrink will not work without anydvd running,so i did some research on anydvd and was extremely impressed in what i i went to download the trial fully expecting to buy it if it allows me to back up lords of dogtown, but once i install it and reboot, it says my trial expired??? never even ran it! any ideas??
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pazzini Suspended account
You must of had it on your computer at sometime otherwise you will be able to run the programme.

Ask members of your family or anyone who has been allowed on your computer.

Also check your registry to see if it has been installed at some point.

Sorry, apart from that I have no idea.
heinen81 Suspended due non-functional email address
thanks for the reply. im single and this laptop is only 2 mos. old so im positive no one else downloaed it....ive always been a dvdd and shrink user so i never had a need to try it until im sure i nver dl'ed it either
pazzini Suspended account
Is your laptop from a shop, or is it second hand?
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Just buy it anyway it's excellent software and you are updated for life.
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You HAD to have downloaded AnyDVD trial once on that PC, OR, Someone did, this is the only way you would get that message. No Matter, if you want AnyDVD, just buy it. Recommend go ahead & buy CloneDVD 2 while you're at it. You can get both Licenses for much less than buying them seperate. You will never regret buying these 2 Excellent programs! The Combo will back up anything out and do it with Excellent results quickly & effectively. pazzini is correct, you'll get Lifetime Updates too. With AnyDVD. Slysoft Rocks!

Use The Best Media for The Best Burns! TYs, Verbs,(Made in Taiwan) Sony MIJs (YUDEN000 T02), Sony Made in Taiwan DVD+R 16x, Maxell MIJ, RITEK G05.
Just a quick side note, DVDFab with shrink worked on Lords of Dogtown for me. Nothing else running in the background.

pazzini Suspended account
I completely agree with bunnyrip.

This adds to the threads disscussion..... how?

no multiposting, you already asked this here -

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