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ANIO Service , ANIWZCS2 Service????

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I have these 2 programs ANIO Service,ANIWZCS2 Service installed on my computer and i dont know where they came from. I have run adaware 106 and norton antivirus 2006 and everything seems to be ok. I think it has something to do with my airlink Pci wireless network adapter. does anyone know anyhing about these things. I did some some research online about them and some people say not to mess with it or your wireless card will go out and some other people say that it could be a trojan. Im really confused on what to do. Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance to all that reply.
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Jeanc1 Suspended account
Those programs you installed when you started using your D-Link applications.

These 2 services are the WPA supplicant for the D-Link wireless utility. They are integrated in the D-Link utility to give you WPA/WPA-PSK support
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you know whats funny about that i dont remember installing any of that stuff
Jeanc1 Suspended account
Those are utilities -- so if you do not want them-- you can safely remove them first! Then :-
It's a matter of re-installing your D-Link software thru the O/S find hardware wizard. Windows will find the drivers only on your D-Link CD and install them for you !
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