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xbox 360 softmodding

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Lilwayne2 Suspended account
i was just wondering if it was possible 2 softmod the 360 like the xbox??? b cuz i really wanna transfer my halo 2 mods to my 360. as we all kno most likely everyone wants 2 see the full potential of the 360.
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Lilwayne2 Suspended account
is there a way to ftp my halo 2 mods to my 360?? and if there is how??? because its not as easy as the xbox
What kind of idiot would mod their 360??? With so many crashing I wouldn't dare void the warranty

wooopz Suspended account
there is no soft modding for 360 yet, if theres no mod chips yet i highly doubt they would find a soft mod that soon.

There are mod chips though. Sorry but you should research more.
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So where can I find these researched mod chips for the 360?
all mod chips are fake for the 360. (atleast at this point in time)

there's your research.

I know that. Just wanted to see what softmodd had to say.
Well Maxconsole had stated that a few Xbox hack teams had been working on a few chips, that do work, but with alot of glitches. Something should come out in the next month are so, thats atleast what they stated. Also many asian based modchip companies are trying to crack this bitch down with *SOME* successs but agian many many many glitches.

if you read the right forums an talk to the right people, you will see that there are mod chips that do work. With an awful lot of glitches at the moment that is why they are said to be in

early BETA stages

I would wait atleast 3-6 months before I got My hopes up
but it is just a matter of time

enjoy:) 1nall

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Lilwayne2 Suspended account
well as i can see my action replay 4 my xbox doesnt work. so i cant do the splinter cell softmod n i think splinter cell 4 xbox wont work on the 360 sigh'' MS is getting tougher every year
infiden Suspended account
first how can u expect to run an orig xbox linux on a 360? theyre diff operating systems besides the fact that 360 is backwards compatible. hackers have only found out how the 360 works too... there was an exploitable game but it was banned and u cant use it anymore.

banned from afterdawn sucks

no one can mod in mm and call themselves a modder if they do just that

get cheated in xbl? bridge.
anthonyd3 Suspended due non-functional email address
i duno the name of the program but u get this program and it is in a pic file then u transfer to ur 360 with windows media conect and it mods ur 360 4 u and then it alows u to FTP and stuff like dat

this is a link to a site in uk which sell pre-moded 360's and they work as a friend brought 1 from them... so if there in uk they must be in us
there is a way to softmod the 360 and it is really easy.
what u have to do is buy somin called xsata there is a link to it. read the stuff in the link and then buy it. im gettin 1 4 christmas and all it does is it connects your 360 hardrive 2 your computer using a usb cable and then u download something called explorer 360 and use that 2 connect the 2. then find the maps (they are in partion 3, tdata and the 1 with 64 at the end the maps are in there.) i may have missed a bit im not sure just tell me how it goes

halo mods all the way
titansfan Suspended due non-functional email address
xbox 360 mods are out and u dont need a mod chip its actually almost easier to mod the 360...although i do not recomend it seeing that u will void your waranty

jeremy bloblleglue
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