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FAB DVD Decrypter is now a virus???

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Since yesterday (02/02/05), my Norton Anti Virus has started to tell me that my FAB DVD Decrypter is a security threat. Does anyone know what's going on?

I've changed Norton to exlucde FAB DVD in future scans, but I'd really like to know why this has happened. FAB DVD's been on my pc for over a year and and Norton hadn't had any probs with it before. What's changed?

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Hi PIGuru,

You probably have received a false reading from norton as some who use that antivirus have received. I just downloaded it and received the same warning but a thread on here addressed the issue but to be on the safe side I did an online scan of my pc and nothing shows. From time to time if anything changes and symantec is not aware and it has some of the same coding/ file-build as a previous known virus/trojan or worm you will get that warning. Nothing to worry about but in the case that there is something wrong I suggest you keep an eye on afterdawn as the word would spread quickly. Good luck.

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That never happened to me. I suggest you uninstall DVDFAB Decrypter and redownload it and reinstall it again.

Good luck!!

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Same here alkohol I just done a Nortons Antivirus scan and came up with 0 viruses and 0 Adware.

Thanks for the response, guys. I was kind of figured that this is something I shouldn't lose too much sleep over. But I had to ask just to make sure!

Since having FAB DVD excluded from Norton's scans I haven't had any probs. I'll probably re-install it and see what Norton has to say about it at some point, but seeing as FAb is working fine anyway, I can't be bothered with it right now.

Thanks for the reassurance, though.
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