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Downloading embedded video: .swf files

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I have been getting the updates on this thread and you are
really a great person. The way you having been helping everyone.
Just to say thanks.
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Would love to get the video "Nami Unreal: Livin’ It Up" from this

Thanks again!
by referring to the 'page source', i know that the link to tat video is so u can download it with website like or many other ways!
Hi, stumbled acroos this page while looking to download a video

The Url is:

The video is a couple of clicks into the page, sorry, couldn't find a direct link. Any help would be great!


I am a total newbie. I am eager to download the Xmas message from the following lnk

but as of yet and following the instructions that I can understand, I have been unable to find any web page info whatsoever!

Can anybody help me save this nice little message to hard disk?

Right-click on the full address ( ) and choose "Save Link Target As...". Save it to your Hard Drive. Open it with your web browser or Flash Player.

@everyone else
I've just bought a new motherboard and three new hard drives, at the moment I am preoccupied in making this upgrade. Sorry about the lack of responses in the last week or so, I'm pretty busy. Hopefully I can get back to helping you guys full-time, but for the next few days I've got a lot on my hands.
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You'll need an .flv player. This video is also VERY LARGE, so even though you didn't specify what the actual video was, I assume that this is it. You would probably want to convert this to some other format, using one fo the .flv converters that can be found online.

And yes, it was a pain in the arse to find.

That was it, thanks very much, teh effort is very much appreciated!

I'm @ my wits end, I'm trying to DL files from Daum but I'm getting no-where fast. Please can you post a tutorial on how to DL files from Daum?

It would be so appreciated =)
Just like to say awesome thread! CiDaemon your tutorial's have been very helpful, thank you very much. Now on to my request for help. I can pretty well much grab video from any site, now the site im having a problem with is I for the life of me cant figure out how to get video from this site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also anyone looking for a free converter to say convert an .flv to any format you want, or any format video to any other format this FREEWARE tool is a MUST have. Its called Super and you can get it from here Also works with AviSynth for those power users.

I've been trying to get files form the nbc website for a long time. No successes so far. I will continue to peruse it, but don't expect me to figure it out in five minutes... hopefully I will be able to figure out this site, but so far I'm having absolutely no luck.


I've answered your question in PM, but in case you missed it this is the url I got:

This may or may not be correct, as it was a bit of a long shot. If not, tell me and I'll keep looking.

^ CiDaemon,

Oh my gosh, you totally rock;
How do you do it?

Thank-Q so much; now if I manage to convert it to AVI or mpeg I'll be in video heaven lol!

Thank-Q again for dong this <3
It's genuinely appreciated ^__^

I just stumbled on this thread, and hope that you can help. I have been trying to capture a show from so that I can watch it on my TV instead of my PC. I read through your SWF tutorial, but "Page Info" is not an option in the window that pops-up when the video is playing. The URL that hosts the shows is:

Any ideas?
ABC, beng a corporate group, uses every measure possible to secure their media. Their streaming server ( ) has a "controlled access" setup, which means that it screens requests for media, and only permits those which come from ABC itself. For this reason, I can find the video, but there is no way to access it, since I am not accessing it from ABC's IP. Here's one of the URL's, just for example:
you'll find upon clicking on it that there is a blank page, this is because the access controller has denied you access to the media.

The only way I can thing of getting these videos is using a screen recorder.

Hey, I was trying to download this video but no luck. Can anyone help?? I would greatly appreciate it ^_^.$
If not that link:


wow, that took six seconds...?

Daum is a piece of cake!

Thankies ^_^
hi, can u rip those too? i tried everything but iam really helpless..

<embed src='' width='426' height='350'></embed>

i would like get it in 300k stream or even 700k

and would be nice, when its possible to explain me how

thxxxxxxxxxx a lot and a nice chrismas to u guys
Having the same issue as previous poster when trying to download embedded streaming content from Any clues or FAQ that I can read to allow me to do this?
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Does anyone know how I would go about downloading videos (Windows Media) from this site?

Thanks in advance. :)
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Help! Please show me how to download videos from

@atomfilms people:

My first post contains a guide for AtomFilms.


Here's what you do, forgive the lack of images, but it's 3 AM. I hope you don't mind and can do it without an illustrated walkthrough ;)

1: Open the video of your choice (the WMV, not the Real Player version)

2: When the popup window opens, right-click (outside of the actual video) and choose "View Page Info...".

3: Go to the Media Tab, there should be only one entry. Right click and choose "Copy".

4: Add it to the end of the host URL, it should be in this format (only an example): .

5: Hit enter, choose save.


These videos are Real Player videos, not flash .swf videos. This page is also written in Microsoft ASP, which I thoroughly detest. This forum is for flash videos specifically, but even if I wanted to try this site, I wouldn't know where to start; this page and these videos aren't in a format that I understand to the point of being able to figure out.


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