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Guide to Twilight Hack and Wiigator's Backup Launcher

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it says at the top dont install dvdx and near the bottom it says install dvdx? confused.
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To install wiigator 0.3 you don't need to install dvdx.


I f you want to install wiigator 0.1 you do need to install dvdx

Not confusing at all

Tippeee Kay Yay
thanks, but now i have a new problem; i dont have a sd card...
lol can't solve that one for you! have to do that urself.

they dirt cheap on ebay if you can wait for delivery

Tippeee Kay Yay
Thanks for the new channel to launch Wiigators v.3 loader.
Some question though:

Installing the new channel will replace the older channel correct? Does this uninstall the old channel or just update it?

Also, the loader channel you made works on NTSC-US Wii systems correct?

Again, thanks for your compilation. You're the reason that I'm enjoying my very own soft-modded Wii. =D

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evnflow Suspended due non-functional email address prob will work on the NTSC wii's..haven't tried on a PAL one..don't have one to try it out on, sorry..the new WAD will overwrite the existing channel that was used for the backup launcher once you install the WAD..just go to your normal backup channel..will have the same pic..and just click on it..will load up wiigator's backup launcher V3..

will either have a guide up later tonight or tomorrow, on how to make your own everyone can customize their own channels, with their own pics and make emulators easier to use..instead of having to go to WAD Manager everytime..

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@evnflow Is there somewhere else I can get those files you made up ?
The links of the fisrt 2 on the front Page are dead.Thanks
evnflow Suspended due non-functional email address
@yzrider..sorry man..didn't know they were dead..will have it work right now, but should have it fixed here shortly..

Dolla Dolla Bill Ya'll

evnflow Suspended due non-functional email address
ok..the links for the WAD Channel and the Backup Launcher V3 have been fixed...had a family emergency..sorry for the long delay..also working on the guide for the Custom Channels...
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Dolla Dolla Bill Ya'll

@evnflow: of course the wad worked perfectly. Thanks a lot man!

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Great Post, thanks for your help...

I have version 3.3u on my Wii. tried with 2GB SD card and 256mb SD Card.

I recently installed the homebrew channel and it works just fine.

I downloaded the SD card files you you put up in the update. I ran the CIOS installer, and got an error about 'failure to initialize network...something about the buffer...file size...etc.'

I then tried the older SD card bundle you included and couldn't install anything through the WAD manager. The WAD manager loaded, but then I got General Error (-2011) I believe.

Out of curiousity I tried the DVDx thing and got an error w/ that too. Although that probably has something to do with the CIOS thing not installing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Those are old directions. You need to lookup WiiGator v.3 backup loader. It's much simpler and more compatible than the .1 version. You won't have to install dvdx and it install via wifi. Don't have a link for you but look up wiigator v.3 and you should fine plenty at gbatemp

Wii sucka!!
I'm just continuing to confuse myself as I look through If I have 3.3U I have to downgrade? That isn't something I want to do. Unless everyone is sure there will never be a 3.3U 'work around.'

I have tried installing v.3 of the installer, using the CIOS and I continue to get errors...

I'll keep looking on GBAtemp and the web. if anyone finds anything that might help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and for the advice.


I like Cheatos

I found a way around the 3.3u thing on requires installing the IOS from the 'pink fish' CD? Forgive me if that doesn't make any sense...then from there you can roll back using the downgrader and do a few more things...

Is there an easier way devised at this point? I posted the steps below...this is from October 23rd so I'm hoping by now someone has come up with something else...

It seems like this stuff changes every few hours...

Thanks again for your help everyone.

Step 1 Lets assume you have already updated your Wii to the latest Firmware.
Step 2 Install the ‘Homebrew Channel’ onto your Wii if you dont have it already (see below)
Step 3 Put the contecnts of this zip onto your SD Card.
Step 4 Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘WAD Manager 3’.
Step 5 Press ‘A’ on the WiiMote once. The Wii should detect a SD Card. Press ‘A’ again to see a list of WADs on the SD Card. Use the ‘D-Pad’ to select ‘IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad’.
Press the ’+’ to install the WAD. Once it has installed the WAD, press the ‘Home’ button to restart you Wii.
Step 6 Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘Custom WM’. Now using the same method as in ‘Step 5’, install the ‘cios_fix.wad’. Once it has installed the WAD, press the ‘Home’ button to restart you Wii.
Step 7 Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘IOS Downgrader’. Just follow the instructions and wait until it finishes installing the necessary IOSs.
Step 8 Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘Install Shop IOS51’. Say ‘Yes’ to installing the ‘IOS51’ and ‘Yes’ to patching a fix but ‘No’ to the ‘Wii Shop Channel’
(it shouldn’t matter if you install but it won’t make any difference).
Step 9 Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘WAD Manager 3’.
Step 10 Now you should be able to install WADs. Try installing the ‘WAD MANAGER V3.wad’ (use this channel to install any WADs in the furture) and ‘Wii Gator.wad’.
Other apps should also work as well such as ‘AnyRegion Changer’.

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Hi everyone,

noob here - have spent most of my week-end reading all the stuff on here and gbatemp.. am encountering some issues..

twilight hack and homebrew channel are running.

but when i try to play backup isos via wiigator - i get a wierd error message - 2 sentences on top of each other.

My configuration: Wii NTSC - v 3.2u (safe install via HBC) - Wii backup launcher 0.3b - HBC v.8 - Wad Manager 1.31

Any idea what went wrong?
did you patch the iso before burning it, and is the game compatible? this is not a perfect loader... yet

Tippeee Kay Yay
i thought that patching was not needed anymore with 0.3b?
mine works with patched iso's have not tried unpatched.

Tippeee Kay Yay
I'll try tonight - i have 3 burned ISOs - and according to the compatibility list on gbatemp they're all good - RE Umbrella Chronicles, Big Brain and Bloombox. One is patched and the other 2 are not. Will let you know.
Originally posted by finkel98:
I'll try tonight - i have 3 burned ISOs - and according to the compatibility list on gbatemp they're all good - RE Umbrella Chronicles, Big Brain and Bloombox. One is patched and the other 2 are not. Will let you know.
Senzafine - so you think that this error is due to the DVD/burning/patching process and that all the software has been installed correctly (just want to make sure to pinpoint where things are screwing up)
its sounds like u've installed ok, i get tha error with uncompatible games.

but it may be worth just checking the cIOS is installed ok.

Tippeee Kay Yay
I have been reading, studying, and testing like crazy over the past few days...

You can have .1 and .3 of wiigator's backup loader installed at the same time. There are some complexities for some people.

Wiigator .3 Gamma will be out fairly soon and that should allow better compatibility and faster loads across the board.

I would suggest downloading wiishizza's backup loader pack. It is up to date and comprehensive. look for it on

Thanks for the original post, it was instrumental in helping me pimp my wii.

I like Cheatos
the full release of wiigator 0.3 was due out the 3rd week of november (this may be your gamma release)

Tippeee Kay Yay
Hey could you help me? My copy of Wii Music broke so I tried downloading the file for it, it comes out as multiple files. Isn't it supposed to be an .iso file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
what are the file types? if they are .r01, .r02 etc... then they need to be extracted with winrar or something.

Tippeee Kay Yay
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