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iMesh opens in Canada

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iMesh, the only remaining legal P2P service in North America, has launched its legal music download service in Canada. This is the first expansion made by the company after it relaunched with a legal service in the United States last year. It boasts to have the largest selection of music tracks to download legally on the Internet. It claims to have over 15 million tracks available, which ...

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iMesh offers music tracks as single downloads or you can subscribe to download and listen to all the music you want for a fee of $8.95 CDN. You can take advantage of a free 30 day trial of the subscription service, and to add another 30 days onto the trial you need to pay just $1.
That should bring out the welcome mats (or at least a few Mooseheads) from a lot of folks up North as there are some pretty talented artists up there in Canada from the Pop Diva category to the Hard Rockers, with a good amount of Alternative and Indie Rock in between. With a massive arsenal of tunes,(over 15 million with at least 2 million of those of high enough quality to sound good on even the best audio systems), and a consumer friendly pricing structure iMesh should be kicking butt against the Rhapsody's and the Napsters who I believe only claim to have a little over 1 million songs each, available.
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