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Burnt DVD wont play in dvd player

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Hi, I am having some problems getting a couple movies to play in my dvd player. I do use cheap dvds, i think they are staples store brand. Before everone jumps at me at once, let me say that i have used these to successfully burn and watch 12 movies so far. Just today the last three movies i have tried to burn wont let me watch them in my dvd play, the dvd player says loading for about a minute then says no disc??? I can put the burnt dvd in my computer and it will play fine. My computer is just 3 weeks old and I am not sure what firmware is so i have no idea how to even go about seeing if mine is outdated. But my other question is I did successfully burn a DVD today and it does play in the player and on the computer, then I (25 minutes later) tried the other three movies and then here comes the problem it wont play in the dvd player just on the computer. Could my firmware outdate within 25 minutes? I just dont understand how it could change like that. I am using Nero 7 demo right now to burn the dvd. DVDFAB Decrypter and then dvd shrink then nero. I have done nothing different. I also checked to see if my DMA was still that and not PIO, and it is. Please if you can help me i would very much appreciate it.

Also if any one does know this question, please let me in on it. I tried 100+ times to get a dvd to load up in my computer, it was Beauty Shop, My computer did not recognize it, I searched my drive it did not show up, I have DVD IDENTIFIER try it could not see anything, none of the other programs showed anything in my drive, kept saying no disk. I even tried to put the cd in the drive and as it was closing holding shift(that helped my computer see Fantastic 4) and that did not work. ???? Thanks
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if we are going to help you you must follow the first golden ruie use good media cheap media often varries considerably between batches and even in idividual disks in the same spindle pack
we are simply wasting our time trying to make your dvds play if the media is useless
go buy some verbatims or taiyos and I think your problems will go away if not we will be more than willing to help

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i totally agree with philraz. do yourself a favour & get some quality discs. you say you have backed up 12 discs with no problem & now you have had 3 bad burns, so far that is a 20% failure rate (so far!) which i personally would class as unaceptable. aim for 100% nothing less, verbatims or taiyo yuden should give you 100% if you burn at 1/2 the drive/disc speed. i.e 16X burner & 16X discs burn at 8X max then you WILL get better results.

also the 12 discs that were "sucsessful" may work now but in 6-12 months they probably will be coasters.

you will only be helping yourself by buying quality media

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Cheap media isn't necessarily any less expensive than good media, but if one enjoys handicaping oneself and making things as hard and unpredictable as possible, then enjoy your misery...

Hey, there is no reason to be rude.... I was just asking a question. Everyone on here has had to learn these things, God just didnt give you this information. I now understand that media is important. I just didnt know that a couple dvd's in a pack could be good the rest junk. It didn't make sense to me. Thank you for your help...
Also, I have one more question. The three dvds I burnt that do not play in the dvd player, they do play in the computer? Is that a common sign of bad media or is it another underlying problem?
hello everyone.this is my first post here, but have been useing the site for a week now. have learned alot and gotten alot of info from you guys.i am useing verbaitum disc but have had a few bad burns also, but i think it has to do with the incorrect software or me useing it wrong.i have had the same prob as lazy but i have a few dvd players and one of the burns will work in my older player but not my newest. what would be the cause of that.

i do know now that some/sony movies need some speacial attention to get a good burn. thanks for all the help and keep on help dummies like me.
@ lazy some dvd players do not like some types of media, it could just be that your stand alone player doesnt like the discs.

some dvd players will only work with one format i.e DVD-R or dvd+rt could be that your new dvd player will only play the other format. what make/model is the new dvd player that wont play the discs & are you using + or -.

as for the bad burns - verbatims are usually reliable a good rule to follow is to burn the discs at 1/2 the drive/disc speed - i.e 16Xburner & 16X discs burn them at 8X & your should get good results.

also do not run any unneseccery programs whilst you are backing up, & defrag your pc on a regular basis.

if you get an error log post it here & we can have a llok at what is going wrong.

BTW what software are you using to make your back ups?

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im using dvdfab decrypter, then vobblanker when needed. my newer player is a pioneer dv-250, and im useing verbs +r (8x)
I am using dvdfab, then dvdshrink then Nero 7 smart start. My dvd burner is what came in my compaq, it has litescribe and thats all i know about it, if you tell me how to look for the actual model name I can tell you. Thanks
cindyrob - dvd fab & vobblanker are good programs so i can assume that it is not due to copy protection. verbs are also good media burn your 8X at 4X to ensure good results.
pioneer dv-250 is both dvd- & dvd+ so that isn't the problem.
as for using the programs wron - take a look at alkohols vobblanker guide. this will walk you trhough step by step & gives 100% sucessful burns, this is an excellent guide. look it over & see if you are doing anything different/wrong.

also when you back up a disc close down ALL unnesecerry programs & do not multitask. defrag you hard drive regulary as this will help.
make sure your firmware is also up to date you can find the latest versions here -

if none of that works then i would say that you might have a bad pack of disc so try a different pack

@lazy your pc is new so i dont think it is a pc issue make sure you are not multitasking while burning & bur at a slow speed to see if this helps.
i think your is a media issue try some different discs & see if you get better results

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Thanks guys I went and got some verbatim and Sony and they are burning well. :)
Ok guys, I have been reading these posts but it doesn't sound like you want to answer the question. Why are newer DVD Players having trouble playing burned discs? I only use good DVD's. I use Verbatim & Maxell. I burn at 4x and I have used both DVD-R & DVD+R. I use DVD Shrink 3.2 to compress my file, and then I use Nero to burn the discs. I have tried several players (Yamaha, Marantz,Arcam, & so on). The only newer players that don't seem to have this problem are the Panasonic's. I had never had this problem before until switching to the newer players. Let's say it isn't the media. What would be the next course of action?
are you sure these players can read DVD-R media not all players do
have you looked into trying to booktype dvd+'s to dvd-r's
are you trying to put more than 4300mb on a dvd 5 this can cause problems

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are you sure these players can read DVD-R media not all players do
have you looked into trying to booktype dvd+'s to dvd-r's
are you trying to put more than 4300mb on a dvd 5 this can cause problems

Yes these players can read DVD-R's. Now you have me confused. What is booktyping? Also, are you telling me that most players like the +R DVD's over the -R's?

I didn't know about the 4300mb limit.

However, the skipping, farting, and pausing usually starts about halfway into the movie.

Why do cheap players do a better job with burnt movies? I've read tons and tons of posts claiming that higher end DVD Players have more issues than the $20 units that you can purchase beside the heads of lettuce at your neighborhood grocery store.
Ok Booktyping is using a DVD+R disk and burning it in such a way that the player thinks that it is a DVD-R an explanation of booktyping can be found here
Dvd-r is the most compatable format for dvd players
some think that DVD+R media is better than DVD-R (debatable)
cheap players do seem to be better at playing burnt dvd's as to why I think that question is up there with "what is the meaning of life"

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This next question will put me into the newbie category that I am. You say not to go over 4300mb. When I use DVD Shrink, it compresses the file to fit on a 4.7GB disk. It seems to go past 4300mb. I do not know how to tell DVD Shrink to stop at 4300mb. Any ideas?
When you first open shrink go to edit preferences change your dvd target size to custom type in 4300 and hit ok

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Thanks alot Philraz, you are a wealth of knowledge!

Do you have any experience with DVD authoring, specifically DVD Lab Pro?
Yep whats up ?

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I have made a Demo DVD. Basically, I have made a DVD demoing all my favorite clips from various movies. When I am watching my DVD on standalone DVD Players, I can see very noticeable splint second pauses in the clips. I think these are the chapter jumps. However, when playing my DVD on a computer, these pauses are not seen. Any thoughts?
did you join all your clips into one movie or create multiple movies and just linked them together

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Multiple Movies
Ok thats your problem there is alittle trick you can do if you open the video_ts folder dvdlab made you will see the dvd structure it will look like this your only interested in the vobs
And so on if you change vts_02_0.VOB to vts_01_3.VOB and vts_02_1.VOB to vts_01_4.VOB and so on
then load the vts_01_0.VOB back into dvdlab it will create one movie instead of several (make sure your project setting are set to join and Demux vobs) you can then set chapter points manualy and link your menu buttons manualy to each chapter

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Hi Philraz,

Thanks for all your help.

I was just curious. What is the deal with setting the capacity of the disc to not exceed 4300mb? Where did this come from?
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