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Xecuter3 ce tutorial v1.6

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Ok i know i had some trouble getting mine going it took me like a week and i had to find and figure everything out on my own which sucked so here his the much needed tut for the X3.:

OK the first thing we need to do is get that bad boy(xapt3r) in there. This is how you install the Xapt3r v1.6 Solderless Adapter?for you version 1.6 Xbox.

Screw in the Xapt3r. Insert the 5 wires in to holes A, B, C, D and E. Lastly hook the 5v wire on to the leg as shown.

- This is how it looks with the Xapt3r 1.6 in position.

- Now put the chip onto the Xapt3r.

this were we would put this little thing

Now we are going to connect the Power/Eject No Solder Adapter (Item 3 on parts list).

1. Unplug the Yellow cable that connects to the Xbox's Power/Eject buttons.
2. Plug in the Power/Eject No Solder Adapter
3. Remove the backing tape and fix to the Xbox chassis
4. Plug the Yellow cable into the adapter
5. Plug in the X3 Power/Eject cable (Item 4 on parts list)
6. Connect the X3 Power/Eject cable to the X3 as illustrated

this is how it should look

Now to connect the external switch. We are going to route the cable by removing the game pad port from the left side of the case (Game Ports 1 & 2). You will need to use a Torx 10 screwdriver.

1. Unscrew 2 Torx 10 screws from the gamepad port.
2. Take care in removing from the Xbox chassis
3. This is the gap where we are going to thread the switch cable
4. Take your time in thread the cable - do one socket at a time it can be a little fiddly
5. Connect the X3 switch
6. Remove the backing paper and stick to the Xbox as shown
7. Re-connect the gamepad port - take care in making sure the switch cable is sitting nice and flat (put some electrical tape over the wires to protect from any damage.
8. Connect to the X3 modchip as illustrated

Then put the chip in place and connect you hard drive and dvd drive but dont screw them back in yet now you want to turn the xbox on and see if you did a good job have it connected to the tv and you should see the flash bios screen now you want to have your banks set to on on off off if that doesnt work leave them all off that is how i did mine.

Now you will need to make sure you have write protection turned off for me that was the red led for some it is the green dont know why. Ok after we have that done we need to flash the bios to do this we will need mirc and flash fxp after you get those follow this tut on using xbins once on xbins go to xbox then to bios and you will see x3 go in there and find the one for your version.

After you got that taken care of save it in a folder, then go to your xbox and select network flash and it will give you an ip adress type that into explorer and hit go then the x3 bios flash thing will come up select browse and find the folder then hit flash and you done. If you cant do the network thing for some reason follow this after it is done it should power off, turn it on.

Now all you have to do is get a dashboard on there to do this get back on xbins and go to apps then to dash boards find one you like and download it i like avalaunch it is great after it is downloaded ftp it to you xbox using flash fxp your uname and pass will be x3 you should ftp it to your c:\ but it doesnt matter were you put it now you want to change your boot order in x3 config after that re boot to dash and your done.

I hope this helps i wish i had a guide like this when i was doing mine.

also if you have any questions let me know
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