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My DVD plays SVCD without sound

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I have the problem. My DVD (DCE221, analogue of Vestel 906, plays SVCD w/o sound. Seller told me that SVCD not supported. With VCD - no problem, but everybody knows that native quality of VCD is poor. What have I done - took a cue/bin image of my SVCD disk and renamed all MPG into DAT, SVD and SVCD into VCD. Everything is workable, system tells me that it is VCD disk and plays SVCD MPEG2 file. The only problem is - wrong time counter.
Maybe somebody faced with the same problem? Maybe there is another way to press my DVD palyer understand SVCD disks?
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You are very close...what you are doing is tricking you dvd player into playing the video even though it is svcd but thinking it is a vcd witch is also part of the problem it has the video down but it is looking for the audio to be in vcd format. I would try extracting the audio and reencode using the newly encoded audio.
Video is not down. Quality of SVCD remains. I compared native SVCD (without audio) and the same file as .DAT file on VCD - the video quality was the same. As to extracting audio - I have tried to do it different ways. Nothing helps. And remember, that the seller said that the unit does not play SVCD.
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if the svcd file is the same as the dat vcd file then just convert it to vcd.....
... and lose the quality for a half (vcd is mpeg1 of quarter of D1 resolution, svcd is mpeg2 of a half D1 resolution). I mean, why the unit could play with audio the same file renamed into .DAT succesfully and refuses to play with audio it with .MPG extension. F/w fault?
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try converting the audio to a dvd type audio... I think your dvd player is thinking its a dvd and looking for a dvd audio stream.....
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