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Please help with how to convert PSP_GAME & UMD_DATA.BIN to ISO

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Please help with how to convert PSP_GAME & UMD_DATA.BIN to ISO.
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drag them into the right side of the prog "UMD gen" and click "file" then "save"

or use
that... ive had good luck with UMD gen tho

super easy tutorial -memory card exploit using swap magic cd:
Burning ps2 save games and transferring them to memory card:
JH1001 Suspended due non-functional email address
thank you! actually!
I have PSP_GAME & UMD_DATA.BIN of game (World serial poker), I put them all into the ISO folder in the Root of My memory stick. I use the UMD Emulator V0.8C every time i try to load the game it freeze. I uesed copy load, direct load, and the other one go back to sys menu, they all doesn't work. please tell me, what did I do something wrong with this files or what ???
You cant just load them like that , did you do wat Kaos said and make an ISO using UMDgen?
thats what you need to do, then when you get that ISO file you put it in the ISO folder.
By the way how big is your PSP_GAME Folder
If its big eg over 900mb then use umdripper b4 using UMDgen.
both can be found here
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how to play nba live 06(any umd)in psp.
its a copy game
JH1001 Suspended due non-functional email address
thank you for your information
Hi guys,
I'm a total dumb ass at converting. I have downloaded many
"games" , and each does not have an ISO when i extract them! I tried using the VCDrom extension, but the ISO file is nowhere to be found after it finishes! Is there anything else i can do?

Thanks guys
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