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Nero 7 Ultra - Dedicated plugin needed for mp3 burning

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I have installed Nero 7 Ultra edition and it worked fine. then for some reason I can tremeber i uninstalled it and then reinstalled it. now when i go to burn a CD for audio i get this message when i drag the files from the folder list to the audio box on the left.

One or more files could not be added to a compilation.

It may be possible, that the files can be added, if a dedicated plug-in is installed.
H:\Documents and Settings H\JAMES RAMSEY\My Documents\My Music\Madonna\Madonna-Confessions On A Dance Floor\01 - Hung Up.mp3

I cannot find this dedicated plug in anywhere - i have emailed Nero but not had a response - does anyone have this mysterious plug in or know where i can find it???
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It could be that the version you re installed is "buggy", I would uninstall again and this time re install this known bug free version
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hi there - thanks for the suggestion but i did exactly what you suggested - uninstalled and then installed your demo version and i got exactly them same message again. so this did not work - any other ideas???
OK. This exact same error happened to me, but for .mp3 files with Nero I called tech support and they said:
1) Write Down and SAVE your serial number
2) Uninstall Nero
3) Download and run Nero Cleaning Program" class="korostus" target="_blank">
4) Reinstall the latest version of Nero (nero web site)

This worked for me.


#5" class="korostus" target="_blank">

I hope this saves you the $10 phone call I had to make.
Dear Mr. XXX,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please follow these steps so you can have the latest version of Nero available, for free:

a- Save the serial number/s on a paper. You can find it/them going into StartSmart, then clicking on Nero, then in the Product Center and under the Programs Tab.
b- Uninstall the Nero Software from your system as you usually do with any other program.
c- Go into our website and download the General CleanTool:" class="korostus" target="_blank">
Then run it to make sure you delete all files, folders and other registries that are not moved when you normally uninstall a program.
d- Go into our website and download the latest version of Nero that you can get for free:" class="korostus" target="_blank">
Download the 4 packages in order to make sure you have all the applications working as expected.

Now you have the latest version available that you can get for free and you are sure that there is nothing that may interfere when you are using Nero.

If you need further assistance, please fill in the Support Form at:" class="korostus" target="_blank">

Best regards,

Nero Technical Support Team.
Anyone know if this worked? Because im getting the same problem with one song.
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