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Boy, I've wasted tons of disks trying to burn a DVD movie! First, here's the software I have:

InterVideo WinDVD Center (came with my Toshiba)
DVD Fab Decrypter
Click 'N Burn

The first attempt using InterVideo burned the files to my Memorex DVD disk--BUT--it only recorded ten minutes of each chapter. I was using a demo software to load the movie to my laptop, so it must've had a 10-minute limit (it took all night to transfer to my hard drive!). Anyway, that's how I know it's a least possible to burn this particular movie.

For my next two attempts, I used DVDShrink and FabDecrypter. When I tried to use InterVideo to burn to the DVD, it only recognized some of the files. Next, i tried Click 'N Burn. It burned the files but my DVD player gives an "incorrect disk" message. (Of course, I can play it on my laptop.)

The weird thing is, when this disk is in the DVD drive, it shows as a CD.

What steps should I take before I waste any more DVDs? Thanks!
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Make sure your firmware is current for your burner, and get Imgburn to burn the ISO image created by DVD Shrink. It is a free program and can be found here:

Ok, I downloaded ImgBurn. I tried to burn the files to the DVD and I got this error message: "ISO write mode is for burning disc images, not Video_TS files". If there are ISO image files anywhere on my hard drive, Im not finding them.

So my newbie question is: Did I do something wrong at the DVDShrink level? I selected Open Disc and then Backup. How do I create ISO image files?
When backing up with DVD Shrink you should select your target to be ISO image...not Hard Drive folder or your DVD burner.

I tried starting with DVDShrink, but after about 10%, I got an error message ("sector is encrypted"). Next, I used DVDFab Decrypter and then went back to Shrink and saved the target as an ISO image. I used IMGBurn to burn it to the disc. I still get "incorrect disc" on my DVD players and it won't play on my laptop, either.

I tried the whole process over again, but this time used Sonic to burn because it automatically popped up when Shrink finished. Same results.

In "My Computer", I can see the DVD drive and it shows an ISO image file exists on the DVD disc, but if I try to open it, it says there is no disk in the drive.

What do I try next?
What is the name of the movie?
And are you getting any error messages at all or just a successful burn?
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I don't get any error messages and it states that the disc was burned successfully. It's actually a workout video I'm trying to burn. I'm using Memorex DVD-R.

On the C drive, I see two files: DVDFabDecrypter_Temp and within that file, I see DVD, but it doesn't open. Also on the C drive, I see a file that says DVD. I'm assuming this is what Shrink created. Within this file, I see AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS.

What's weird, is that when I do a search on *.ISO, I see the DVD file on C, and it shows ISO image, not VIDEO-TS. When I click on the ISO file, it opens my Sonic software which prompts me to put a disc in the drive to burn (of course, I tried that and it didn't work).

I wonder if I should try a DVD-RW disc so at least I won't be wasting so many.

(By the way, when i didn't hear from you, I started a new thread on this topic, so there's some duplication)
I'm using Memorex DVD-R.
I would try another brand disc, Memorex are some of the worst. Try Verbatims or Taiyo Yuden, Sony, Maxell, Fuji(made in Japan).

video ts folder's and iso's are pratically the same thing in terms of what they contain,as if you opened the iso,you would find a video ts folder and a audio folder (think thats correct???),point me out to be wrong if thats not the case),its a long time since i opened one...:)

if you have a ts folder you cannot burn it as an image though,as technically it isnt one,sounds confusing....hehehe

the only software that i know of that can burn ts folders are

nero burning rom
prassi ones

and remeber that the problem may be that the disks are not liked by the dvd players you have,as mentioned above,memorex are not the best type of disk

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Yes, but these discs won't play on my laptop, either. Shouldn't they, even if they are crummy Memorex?

Will a DVD-RW play on standard DVD players?
I they won't play in one why should they play in the other? Some DVD players will recognize a RW.

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