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10\100 Router with Gigabit switch?

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I am pretty sure that this will work but something in the back of my head says i should ask. I will be setting up a network at my loacal scrapbook store. I plan to have 3 computers, a gigabit networked drive by thecus, a print server, and 2 networked security systems.
I would like to know if having a 100 mbit router would adversely affect the network(incompatibility issues etc.). I will have hooked to that a netgear gigabit switch which i will have all gigabit devices hooked up to. Will it hurt to have a 100mbit router since i will only use this to have internet access to networked devices on switch.
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It should work ok as long as all the devices are on the same subnet. Any off subnet traffic would have to go through the router, such as Internet traffic.
So you are saying that it will be fine and all the devices will get internet access through the switch as long as they are on the same subnet. Correct? Also are there any advantages to having the gigabit router even though it is only there for the internet? Thanks
I am not familiar with the Netgear gigabit switches, I have only used Cisco or Nortel (Bay). The advantage is that the devices on the switch will be able to talk to each other at gigabit speeds; it's only when they need to go to the Internet that they would have to pass through the router. I would imagine your Internet link is even less than 100mb, so you wouldn't really need anything faster unless you were planning on your uplink to be OC3 speeds. The only issues I have run into is you need to be sure that your switch has 100mb ports as well as gig. I have seen several models that only support GBICs, not 100 mb connections.
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The switch does support 10\100\1000 mbits I ahve looked around and it seems to be the one people recommend.If you think another one is better im all ears. The link to the switch is here.
Thanks for all your input. Its people like you that make this website the best!
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