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"DNS Error Has Occured (80410410)"

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Hi, Yes i have a Wirless Router .. Compatible with 802.11g Backward Compatible with 802.11b. Yes it is Configured .. Yes i am not a noob :P

(I have set the connection up in the psp network settings)
Now my question... When attempting to access a site i get the error:

"Communication With the Server Failed.
A DNS error has Occurred.

Any help will be greatfully apreciated, thanks and reguards.

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"Yes i am not a noob" heh...

anyways, does it connect when you do the "test connection" ?

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Yes , Connects fine ... Finds all the settings ip adress and all...
Though sometimes down the bottom of the results it says internet connection : Failed
Sometimes it Succeeds but it still comes up with this DNS error :S

Did you setup the DNS? or just put on on auto? IF you put it on auto this time set it up ( go into router find DNS's and put them in) and Vice versa.
i just put it on auto ... ill go find them now , ty for ur help

okl i done that , put in the primary and secondary DNS in Manual , And it still failed :S PSP just went Flat battery so it is currently recharging.

can u tell me your router ip?
Umm why ? lol just wondering why u need then ill give...

so i can make IP suggestions like i did for another person
here see
try for psp ip
subnet mask
default gateway (your routers or wifimax IP)

DNS auto first but if it doesnt work, go into your router and find your promary and 2ndary DNS

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Router IP :
And where am i supposed to enter the psps ip ?

in psp go to
SETTINGS - network settings
Infrastructure mode - you use connection 1 or make a "new connection"

In WLAN settings page it will ask for your router SSID enter it exactly as it appears.
Next if your using WEP then enter your WEP key ( i suggest you turn it off for now till you get the net working then you can turn it back on)
At address settings go to "custom"
At IP Address setting go to "manual"

Now try put in this IP
IP (if ur router ip is then youd put in 192.168.0.(any number 2-254)
Def Router (if your router ip is then youd put
Primary DNS n Secondary DNS ( go into router and get it)
At PRoxy server page put "do not USE"

Let me know how you go.
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Internet connection Still Failed .. and it has 100 % signal Strength.

Are you using WEP security or any security?
If so turn it off for abit and try it see if thats your problem..
right now its all troubleshooting.
No security on atm , i turned it off so i could configure it

whats the error your getting ? is it ip address cannot be obtained ?
or DNS server failed?
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hey dude, is there any buttons on your router.
When i set my psp up i had to hold a button down on my router for 10 secs, it is basically for letting a new wirless connection connect to your router...

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Hey Nah the IP Can be Optained And i got a NETGEAR 108Mbps WGT624 v3

The error is this DNS server ... :S it just says a DNS error Has Occured with those numbers that i told ya b 4 ^^^
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did you use the DNS's found in your router?
If so try this out , the answers are getting thin man, im starting to have no clue.

When your at the screen that says Address settings go to "custom"
At Ip address settings go to "Automatic"
At DNS Setting go to "manual" and enter the DNSs found in your router.

if that doesnt work try these steps and use the DNS in the thread
where to find the dns settings in the router? in quick setup it said em thats how i got but where in router?

You know how to get into the router?

i dont know exactly where it is but it should be under config in your router
if you dont know how i can tell you.
yupp i know how to log in to my router .. i manually configured it i know enough bout routers to do that, ill go look for the dns setts again...

Internet Connection: SUCEEDED !



GJ man, happy surfing.

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hi i waz wonderin if any ov you guys know how to get to the router, cuz i keep gettin the dns error also and i dont know where to go to find my dns or router can sum1 plzz help
answered ya there try not to double post man, ill get to it.
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