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Subtitles Appear Twice

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I couldn't get the .sub/.idx pair to work on a DVD for a movie, but the other movie on the DVD worked fine with its .srt subtitles, so I downloaded VobSub to convert the file pair into .srt format.

The subtitles now look nicer and are still in sync and all of that, but now the subtitles appear twice on the screen, one slightly above and darker than the other. The only two files in the folder are the .avi and the .srt, and I've tried loading the .srt when it's outside the folder as well. I tried loading the .avi without loading the .srt and I get no subtitles. I have to load the file, but when I do, I get two sets.

I opened the .srt in Notepad to fix typos, and the subtitles are not repeated anywhere in the .srt file.

How can I fix this so that the subtitles only appear once during playback? If this can't be done, how can I get the .sub/.idx files to work on a DVD?

PS, the program I used to get the movies on DVD is VSO ConvertX2DVD.

EDIT: I noticed a similar thread, but my issue involves running the .avi in BS Player.
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Double subtitles is almost always a case of two subtitler renders. In your case probably BS Player has a render and you just installed directvobsub.
Yes I do have Direct VobSub on my computer since it came with VobSub. Since it's merely being rendered twice, does this mean that when I burn the DVD the subtitles will only show once?

And why does Direct VobSub only run when I load the subtitles in BS Player?

I just ran the movie in Windows Media layer 10 and the subtitles actually work now, I'm guessing because of Direct VobSub. They show up once. Ok, thank you! I will burn my DVD now with success, I believe.
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