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cuidado al comprar dvd labels de mala calidad

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Today i just received 1000 dvd-cd labels or 500 sheets,full face glossy for inkjet printers,for $63.40 us dollars + shipping to Miami by usps,total $77.89 (very chip)from a company that sells on call labelsbynet from greensville ohio,well let me tell you that the quality on this labels it is very poor,it does not dries fast,it takes around a minute to dry so do not try to touch the label after it comes out of the printer,besides the reds comes out with little white dots,they say that it wont work with ink that it is water base,well i have a R300 epson wich it is a very good quality printer ND GOOD INK, well my brother had some labels from Neato and when i made comparisions it was huge(also glossy) the colors were brighter and it was dry when it came out of the printer,in spanish there is a saying that goes "LO BARATO CUESTA CARO" meaning "chip things are expensive" if you go to and buy 300 pk glossy and full face it will cost you $119.99 us dollars,expensier but you will have quality, also there is this place call in this place they sell you 150 sheets(300 labels)glossy but not full face for $105.75 but you will get a good quality cd-dvd labels,so it is up to you when buying dvd-cd labels, also if you want to try this labels from you can buy 200 labels for around $20 us dollars+shiping by usps,just for a try but do not blame me if you see the colors fade
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spanish only pls.

the allmighty mudearies...

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especialmente si no mas vas a machetear el engles

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I'm guessing that's some sort of advertizing...


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exactamente, pobre sapo no sabe diferenciar.

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i think this 4nd time when you post this same thread? *closed* and i give you 2 week ban cause of multiposting, read the forum rules!!

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