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[GUIDE]How to tell a fake Sony Memory Stick from a real one

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Intro - Sadly, I realised, mine is fake..... I don't want you to get a fake one either!!

Guide -
Currently, there is a huge batch of fake memory sticks in the market. It looks so real that even supplier can't see the differences.

While walking around Sim Lim today, I also spotted some shop selling fake SONY memory stick pro duo. As I have known, there are currently 3 brands of fake memory stick pro duo products and 2 of them are in Singapore. They are:

- Sony
- Sandisk
- Lexar

Mostly will ask.. HUH!! SANDISK (note.. not SCANDISK is SANDISK)!! Serious or not!! yes.. serious!! THERE IS FAKE SANDISK MEMORY STICK PRO DUO!! lol

Anyway this short tips here will tell beginners on spotting the fake SONY memory stick pro duo products. The sandisk one I'm still doing the investigation. All the informations given below are based on web infos + SONY given infos.

1 - Prices
The prices of fake MS Pro Duo are very cheap at retail shop... unless the boss is doing a closing down sales. The price are usually ranging bout $200-$250 for a 2GB one, and this price is actually the supplier price for an original one.

2 - Seals
Original Sony Package Seals have Long Staple like Seal, and it is sealed in using heat. Fake one have round seals, and the seals are sealed up using glue.

Fake Seal

Original Seal

3 - Capacity
Fake 2GB MS Pro Duo have 1948MB and 1959MB of memory space when it is shown on devices like PSP. Genuine one have a capacity of 1909MB while some devices will read 1910MB.

Real MS Pro Duo Capacity

Fake MS Pro Duo Capacity

For the old batch of 1948MB Fake version, I actually feel quite shocking... because it indeed can save up to 1948MB!! Tested and Proven by myself!!

For the 1948mb newer version and 1959MB Fake version, all I have to say is good luck. although it is written 1959MB, the size actually cannot hold more than 1GB.. which is reported by a lot of people, so it means that it is the "cheat" which makes the software reads 1959MB.. while the card is only around 1GB.

4 - Transfer Speed
The transfer speed of real one is at about 80Mbps. Fake one will have slower transfer speed. 1948MB one actually can go on 65Mbps to 70Mbps... 1959MB one ... at most 60Mbps.

To test timing, try transfering a 1GB file to the stick and use the stopwatch to calculate the time of file transfer. This is the easiest way.

5 - Structures
Fake MS Pro Duo is thicker than original one. Try fitting it into an adapter, and you will find that the fitting have problems. It doesn't seems to fit into the adapter.. (feel like squeeze it in). The newer fake version even have problems fitting into PSP.. as reported by Sony as the memory stick is stuck inside the PSP. (newer one are the 1959mb versions)

The words carved behind the Fake MS Pro Duo card is printed on... while the original is engraved into it. The know if it is printed on or not... just use your thumb to feel it. Fake one.. the words u feel is like a bit of pop up.... the original one u cant feel the words.

The metallic stripes, also call the connectors, for fake one... should have black holes seen on the metal stripe as the metal stripe did not cover fully, and this happen the most common on the 1959mb version and the 1948mb newer version. The original one is fully covered to the bottom without showing any incomplete-ness.

6 - Package
The Fake package.. actually looks totally alike compare to the real package. No one can actually see the differences!! Even the hologram seems so real!! The package... if u take a look properly... u will know that at the side of the package there is 4 pictures. Notice carefully!! some packages pictures are not in order!!

Some people told me to look out at the PSP compatible logo at the top corner. If got, means fake one. But just take note, the PSP compatible logo is AVAILABLE on the japanese version of original MS pro duo.. and it cannot be used to determine whether it is fake or genuine.

turn it to the back of the packge.. and look at the black printing.. for fake one... u will see white spots on the black part of the printing. Good quality printing by sony will show that there is NO white spots!

For those now holding the old 1948MB version, I might just say U are lucky for a while, as there is still not much problem on this card. Those with newer 1948mb and 1959mb that can actually hold only 1GB of data... take care..

INSIST on a warranty card if u r getting sandisk one... for the 5 years warranty. Sony one im not too sure bout the online warranty status... but keep the receipt!! if u discover that it is a fake one... bring it down to SONY with the receipt!!

PS - This is not my work so credit doesn't go to me
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Sad, i mines is a fake i think. On the capacity rule.
However, you said something about not transfering a file over 1 gig, however i transfer madden which is 1.6 gigs and it transfers.

on a side note call me a noob all you want but wtf, i didnt know there was a scandisk and a sandisk, or is it just me?

2nd on that Joeva, Never new either
well comparing my sony 2gig to the stick that came and my 1 gig and can confirm that my stick is fake. buggers.

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This is a good guide :)

Thats the thing with eBay, you dont know what your getting. The seller says its genuine and you get see a few people in the feedback saying its not, and than other people say it is genuine. I dont know who to believe.

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Nice one, ill link noobs to this thread, another one for your collection eh 3dluis? =D

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Lol, yes it is bombay boy.
Thats the thing with eBay, you dont know what your getting. The seller says its genuine and you get see a few people in the feedback saying its not, and than other people say it is genuine. I dont know who to believe.
I know but probally the people say its genuine doesn't know it would break down in about a month or so.
will a memory stick break after a while if its fake?

i think the average life span for the new ones is around 2-4 weeks

or thats what ive read anyways.

best advice really is

"if it sounds too good to be true - it most likely is - Fiction & Poetry
well dont that suck ass. DAng it,, i think i just b ought a fake one

send it back mate.

does it meet all the above criteria? - Fiction & Poetry
its does about the little circle part and not being a staple slike seal.

and the capacity? - Fiction & Poetry
i dont know that yet, i havent gotten it yet, i bought it off ebay, it SAYS its 940mb, but im not so sure about it. im gonna have to wait till i get it

my bro just got one on ebay - same for him - im waiting for an email back of him - with sellers name so i can warn everyone - Fiction & Poetry
oooo. when u get a response, see if the sellers name is "webd"

it will be tomorrow nw - but ill post the name / and name of laast memory card he bough 1gb that mysteriously broke after a week - Fiction & Poetry
I've seen this same exact guide posted somewhere else. So much for original work eh?
yea ive seen it too, and ive seen others, but who cares

ok mine is sandissk memory stick pro duo 1.o gb magiic gate is this real i had it since chritmas and hasten fail me yet about the capcity i dont memba becausei put think on it and everthing

wait i read read and it is real

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i just bought a 1gig mem stick from webd on ebay that turned out to be a fake, i contacted him about it in hopes of getting it resolved.

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Does it really matter if its fake or real? I mean it still works. You'll probably get tired of the psp before it dies out anyway.
I've seen this same exact guide posted somewhere else. So much for original work eh?
do you not think - he may have posted it elsewhere

and even if he didnt

the only way you can gain knowledge to pass on is by reading others work - Fiction & Poetry
well actually,
he sorta hasn't done anything wrong, as long as he doesnt claim to author the guide, whether it be this one or his tell all faq.
he didn't give credit to who wrote it nor claim it as his work anywhere in this faq, so he really didn't do anything wrong.
so like rl says he's jus sharing information.

and the 2-4 week thing is false.i've had mine now going on 2 months and its worked fine and i move shit on and off of it a lot. so i guess i got a quality fake

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