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how do i Cogswap my ps2 !!!!!!!! help me

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kasra69 Suspended account
im only asking how to Cogswap my ps2 can any one help me !!!!!!!!!!!!

hey all my computer mad ass
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kasra69 Suspended account
okay i have opened my ps2 and the disc part now what do i do ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey all my computer mad ass
i_suck Suspended account
are you trying to install the cogswap or to use it?

kasra69 Suspended account
installing then after useing it lol

hey all my computer mad ass
kasra69 Suspended account that web site is helping me BUT!!!! it download the thing we have to use it will say HERE!!! and it says drop thos files in the program the only problem is i cant find all of them i only finded 2 3 4 not 1 and 5 help me plz !!!!

hey all my computer mad ass
i_suck Suspended account
you mean these 2 ?

1) You need the DISC-ID for the ps1 disc you will use to trigger the exploit, it�s usually written under the PS logo on the disc itself, but to be sure put the disc in your computer and open the SYSTEM.CFG or SYSTEM file in notepad. The DISC-ID is written like this �BOOT=cdrom:SCES_000.48;1″ the DISC-ID in this case is SCES_000.48. Write yours down.

5) Take the memory card and make sure you have about 1 meg free space on it. Put the memory card in the modded ps2. Put your just burned install disc in the drive and close the tray. After a while you will get a message that the exploit was installed. Now just put the memory card in your own unmodded ps2 and boot on the ps1 disc you took the DISC-ID from. If everything worked the disc will not boot, instead you will get a �Cogswaploader� screen.
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kasra69 Suspended account
no its 1. System.cnf
5. Files (the directory)

hey all my computer mad ass
First off, do you have a "modded" PS2? you will need a modded PS2 or an item like swapmagic in order to load cogswap from the PS2 to the memory card.

I looked on the site you referenced and did not see a way to load the exploit without already having a modded PS2.
This user is ban Just ignore him now.

Unless other users want to know how to Cogswap.
Xaznboitx, in other words, your saying that we should ignore valid questions if the person asking the questions has been banned?

I dislike this because it makes the search feature so much harder (finding what your looking for with no answer).

hey i would like to know. crap, i made the other topic for nothing(Memory Card Exploit) lol. So it was called cogswap. ok, i need help on it. i do have the swap magic disc and the slide card. i think i know how to install the exploit onto the memory card using the guides. so do i just put in the imported dvd disc and the cogswap screen will just pop up? after that i just swap with slide card right?
kasra74 Suspended due non-functional email address
helle im back :D welll i tryed to cogswap my ps2 ended up getng it repaired lolz

kasra74 Suspended due non-functional email address
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Nomaders Suspended due non-functional email address
OK here is the thing I am a newbie at this. I first started out with the HDAdvance 3.0 then I find it does not work with some games like Shadow of the Colossus. so this is my problem and what I have:

- What I think is a V4 Ps2 (I know its not modified)

- Network Adapter W/ Matxor 40 Gb Hard drive

- I have the HDL_8B_CD.rar file

- DVD/CD burner with Nero 7 Prem.

- MC card with 2mb free

What I dont have is :

- Swap magic or cog... what ever

- a Fliptop but I do have it apart to do this

- and the knowledge to do it (if there is a way)

I keep reading that there is no free working exploits ( that a crock from what I have read)

If anyone can help me that would be great. thanks
try looking on in the guides section on how to install exploit using HDadvance. Since you have it to install the exploit for you is completly free..

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