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How to Burn Ps2 Games with Alcohol

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I wish someone could help me with this Alcohol 120 I have and I'm really trying to figure out how to burn some ps2 games , I did try to burn one of the games and when I went to play it on my ps2 it was burned, but was acting up, was freezing and thing, Is it because I burned wrong or is it because my ps2 has a chip in it, what could be the problem, can anobody help me please!!!
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use DVD+R dvds and make sure the "booktype as DVD-ROM while burning" options is selected. also check you have the datatype set to "playstation 2"

also write at the slowest speed possible.
I like DVD-R myself, my current burner can not booktype. Plus they have always played great on both my PS2's, and i had glitches wen using +R media.
But if you booktype DVD=R to DVD-Rom as mentioned i have heard that works real well. Also make sure that you use quality media.
The problems you are having are usually, but not always, due to cheap media. Sometime it is because your burners firmware is out of date. And sometimes it is because people either use their PC or have other programs running in the backround when burning.
here is how to burn with Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120%

1. Start Alcohol 120%
2. Select the Copy Wizard option
3. Select the drive that will read the disc & your read speed
4. Select or Deselect the copy current disc on the fly option
5. For data type select which console the game is for PS1/ PS2 then press Next
6. Select your image location and name it then press Next
7. Select the drive that will write the disc and write Speed
8. Look through any other options andchange if needed
9. Make sure that the data type selected is the same as selected above
10. Press Start to begin
By Oner at

I've got a different sort of problem. I've already got .cue file and tried burning it with the Image Burning Wizard. What Write Method should I use (RAW DAO, RAW SAO,DAO/SAO, RAW SAO + SUB, & TAO)? I already selected for "Playstation 2" for Datatype. What happens when I push START is that it initializes and says on status "empty disc" (I'm using a blank Maxell DVD-R which worked before).

I'm lost on how to proceed.
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cues/bin are for cd disk's
the ps2 settings on alcohol for ps2 is only available for cd type images
you cannot burn them onto dvd disk
you need a cd

intel P4 660,2048mb ram,2 X 400gb sata HDD,2 x pioneer cd/dvd combo drives...
yes, and hopefully you have both the Bin and Cue files.
Yes you burn the Cue file, but it is basically just a file that contains the information of the Bin location and how it should handle the file. You will need both.

A different sort of problem this time. I don't know how or why but I can't select datatype, write method, or anything else for that matter in the second page of the burn wizard. Everytime I make changes for data type in the options it always reverts back instead of reading Playstation 2.

What's weird is that I was able to burn both PS2 DVD and CD games before after following people's advice last April.
you could always try a different program like Nero.
again you would have to go under the CD tab and burn the Cue file with the image burning option.

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