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Does any 1 kno were to download free ps2 game strategy guides?
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Go to

They gave alot of useful FAQs and walkthrough guides for free.
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Thanks but does anyone know where to get the Shadow of colossus stragety guide Free download
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Just do what your told like a good little boy. has all the walkthroughts, cheats and guides on more games than you can imagine. And if you want you can save a copy to yor PC. And it's FREE

It is the premier source for game help.

Yah but i mean the official strategy guide PDF download FREE.
Why does it matter,the one on gamefaqs will tell you the same thing.

ya but i just want the offical guide.If you dont know where it is then don't worry i've used gamefag before and yes its good but i just would like to know if there is a free downloadable guide.Thanks anyway.
Unlikely there will be official PDFs floating around (face it, no one spends that much time to beat a game, write a guide with pictures and all, and decides to give it away for free)... those usually come with GameSpot or IGN memberships... so try your luck on IRC, otherwise, you probably won't find one anytime soon and you're better off buying the book version, getting a GS or IGN membership, or just use GameFAQs.
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