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Skype Feedback problems! aaaaaaaaagggggggggh

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Please help!
Can someone help me to get SKYPE working properly on my laptop. I downloaded the latest version but although I could clearly hear the person on the other end the other person finds there is this long delay (anything up to 10 sec) and some terrible echo.

I am using headphones with attached mike. i did go to the system preferences and into the sounds and i can see that the internal microphone is highlighted. I have turned things on and off so many times at this stage....nothing seems to work!

thanks for the help in advance

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i'm using latest version, i think it's, i get feedback sometimes, but then i did with the older versions, i think it's still Beta software so will be buggy. but other times it's not so bad with the feedback..

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You could try switching to Gtalk, Gizmo, or GAIM.
I personally dislike Skype because it kept connecting and disconnecting randomly during calls.


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