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Windows xp keycode and no cd

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higgielk Suspended due non-functional email address
I've acquired a pc from my work that has a xp home COA on it.
The problem is that it now had XP pro with a corporate license on it, which was uninstalled. They don't have the software to install XP home....
It is a gateway profile 3. I have two disks for gateway, but they don't work with the keycode. After some research, I'm not sure that the keycode is for gateway. They didn't appear to offer xp in that series of pc's.

My question: Is there a way by looking at the coa to tell which version of xp it's for? I know some spell out sp1, sp2, 1-2 cpu, upgrade, and just windows xp.

I tried Windows support, but without the pid number from the installed OS, it was going to cost for support. go figure, Bestbuy just had this OS for 40bucks off, so Paying M$crosoft 35 for support is rudundent...

BTW, what does 1-2 cpu mean on the coa?

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go buy a new version, which sucks as it had a version on it......

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you needed the xp corporate version to use that key. buy the new cd so to have it just incase.
BTW, what does 1-2 cpu mean on the coa?
It means that the license to run XP is good for a machine with either 1 or 2 processors (CPUs). It also covers the new dual cores.
higgielk Suspended due non-functional email address
That explains the 1-2 cpu, but now on to the key code. Thanks for the explaination. The coa/key code is XP home. I don't want the corporate. That is being erased. In our company, they tend to throw away the original cd's that came with the pc's. SO that is my delima. Is there a way to tell what version of xp home goes with the coa?
Google for xp PID, you should be able to find teh information you are looking for. That is, concerning which version of windows you have. This is not any type of Crack or Hack either, before someone tries to flame me. Hope this helps

I never set out to be wierd. It was always the other people who called me wierd.
go to this website to find your windows key

enjoy your new computer from work.

Is it crap or is it memorex?
higgielk Suspended due non-functional email address
Thanks guys and girls. gotta be PC here.....);0}

Just so ya know, I'm not looking for cracks or hacks....It's a good key code with COA, Just don't have the software disk, and so far, the ones I've tried don't work with the key code.... two Gateway system disks, with the same version number(1.0) and a MS XP home SP2 holograph full cd....

On the holographic disk, I want you to look for this file in the I386 directory.


Post back what the PID information is. Ex: Pid=51882335

What you are looking for, is the last 3 digits.
higgielk Suspended due non-functional email address

I'll have to get back to ya in a couple of days. The Holographic cd is no longer in my possesion. It is with my girlfriends son who doesn't live with her, and it is a difficult situation to contact him.
If I'm reading right, are there any numbers on the COA that I need to know to do this? There are 3 different sets, two that start with letters, 1 group-Nxx-xxxxx, 2 group-Xxx-xxxxx, and 3rd -xxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx. I assume from my reading that one of them is reference to the PID code.
I've checked Gateway's website, and with the serial number and model, they did not ship with XP home. So I am assuming it might be an upgrade, but usually they state that on the COA, so it might be an early release, which I don't have a copy of.
I'll be back to ya asap. I will have to work through email.

higgielk Suspended due non-functional email address

The last 3 digits are OEM. Don't know if that is good or bad.
Then that CD will require an OEM installation key.
higgielk Suspended due non-functional email address
I'm starting to assume that the coa I have is a retail keycode, and I don't have any retail disks...yikes.

Being the coa doesn't specify sp1 or sp2, can I assume that it is v2002, which is pre sp. and it doesn't say oem,..?I'm just trying to get a direction on the disk I'm trying to come up with to match the keycode...

Thanks for your help.
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