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communication with server failed dns error has occured 80410410

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lockydave Suspended due non-functional email address
Please help I am using a wifi max,
1, Network settings
2, Infrastructure mode
3, new connection
4, Wlan settings = scan
5, scanning please wait = ssid pspwifidongle, security none, signal 100%
6, Address settings = easy
7, press x to save
8 test connection
9, connecting & testing internet connection, all no problem

When i try and do anything in the browser i get the message.
Communication with server failed a dns error has occured (80410410)
also i have had the connection to the server has timed out
and when trying to get on line with fight night 3 I can't connect to the ea server.

I am not technical with these at all so please help and explain clear instructions thank you.
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lockydave Suspended due non-functional email address
Thanks I'll have a read of all that and let you know how i get on, cheers
np mate :)
lockydave Suspended due non-functional email address
)First go to ur local area network connection, the one in network connections, right click and go to properties-->advanced tab--->, where it says INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING click on settings and enable the following DHCP (67) DHCP(68), DNS, FTP Server and bam the limited connection problem is solved. Keep in my mind u will only see thsi box if u have already installed the wireless connection. Please give me feedback if it worked for anyone else

Hi sorry to be a pain in the a**, when i follow the instructions above on clicking dns it says ( name of ip address of the computer hosting this service on your network ) Where do i find this information ? thanks again.
on the computer which is connected to your wifi max go to the connection icon in the bottome right hand corner next to clock
double click it - click support
now where it says IP address i think thats what your after.

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lockydave Suspended due non-functional email address
Ok thanks, Im going to start from scratch as the other day when i was messing I completely cocked it up and now the damn thing wont even find my computer. I will let you know how i get on with that, thanks for your help
i dont know but i get that error mostly when i use a WEP encrypted connection. But you should search yahoo or google for PSP Network Error or PSP Network Error Codes
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