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Vhs to DVD Audio Problem

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I have a ATI All in Wonder 7500 Video Card and a Creative Live Value Sound Card. When I capture my VHS Tapes using DVD Wizard, Ulead Video Studeo 7 or DVD Movie Factory the sound doesn't come out. Being new to VHS to DVD copying, I'm sure someone else has had this problem. Can someone point me in the right direction or suguest a good FAQ on my problem. Also I have been reading about DVD Shrink is this needed or is it optional in case I want to put multiple tapes on one dvd?

Thanks in advance
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First of all, are you sure that you have an (rca) audio cable from your vcr to your sound card or to your video capture card besides your video cable? Also, if you do make sure that you can hear the audio coming through the pc speakers. Also check to make sure that the video capture program has the audio source selected correctly. If you're successful you'll end up with a .mpg file on the pc. Double click it and see if it plays with sound on the pc. If not, then check all of the above again. If it does play, but after burning to DVD you get no sound then it's a different problem... where I'd suggest reloading your transcoding software (transcode = .mpg to dvd format).
As far as dvdshrink that's for doing something completely different.
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I had a similar problem with a cheapo capture card.

My problem was simple in the end:

Due to the configuration of it I had to enable the microphone option within windows.

Maybe yours is similar!!!!!!!

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I also have a cheapo capture unit which is not compatible with the PAL tv system - so it captures Vid but not audio directly from my VHS unit - I got over the problem by sending the audio seperately thru a pre-amp then into the microphone input on my laptop .
I capture a synched AVI file - no prob . ( you must enable the right recording input - in my case the 'wave synth' worked but the expected 'mic input' didn't ).
Hope that makes sense .

Here's my problem which maybe someone can help with ........

I want to burn DVD , I create a wave file of the captured audio and clean it up with Soundforge then recombine the audio with the video and create a new AVI file . Using NERO this will burn to VCD with no problem but when I burn a DVD the audio develops a horrible high frequency tinkly sound on it - probably due to some problem in the DVD compression . Has anyone got a suggestion how to clean up audio tracks successfully .
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Audio problem with Nero Vision Express. I input 8mm digital home movies into my computer by using Dazzle* Video Creator *80. This works fine with good sound and video but is limited to 2 min. scenes. Whin I use the Capture on Nero Vision Express in 8 min. scenes, The video is received but no audio is captured. I have input the Audio through the Dazzle system and the Input mic. Niether is picked up by the Nero Vision Express Capture. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?
Hold on a minute....who actually puts VHS on to DVD...Whats the point?? lol
Thanks for the advice. The problem was with a creative driver that consistantly muted the line in from my VCR. I am now able to record my old DVDs but can't fit one movie on a DVD disk. 7 Gigs is the smallest I've been able to record a 2 hr movie. Is there a codec I can use or maybe a compression tool that will still alow the file t play in a regular NTSC DVD player?
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