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BearShare settles for $30M, then bought by iMesh

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Free Peers Inc., the distributors of BearShare file sharing software, has agreed to pay the recording industry a sum of 30 million dollars to avoid potential copyright lawsuits. They also agreed to shut down their service and refrain from operating online music or film download services. Free Peers was one of the seven P2P companies to receive a letter from the RIAA last year. The companies ...

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All I can say is another one bites the dust.

The only other question is whos next in the line of pointless lawsuits.
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No offence but who in the blue hell cares. Who really used that program anyways? Torrents, Newsgroups and reincode groups are the way to go.
It was all good while it lasted. Maybe they [RIAA] should spend time doing things like helphing the poor and stuff instead of wasting their time and money.
Can't these P2P's just keep on changing names to avoid lawsuits?
Whenever a P2P gets huge like Bearshare or Napster or whatever else did it becomes a huge target. The only good thing is there are always small upstart P2Ps that are always around that people can go to.
eh anyhtign with centrlized severs is a target,THe torrents live and untill they can make the showing of info illagle then BT will live on.
godammit it pisses me off so much, we have starvation, babies dying in the streets, and some peoples biggest concern is if there is media piracy, who gives a fuck seriously?

In a meritocracy/capitalistic system, most companies are individualistic in the sense they are self-interested and greedy. They don't care about people dying in the streets, let's face it.

That's why we live in a democracy, where, we don't have to put with crap like this, there is a "potential for people power" and if you aren't happy about something, write congress.

The first 1000 may go ignored, the first 10000 too, the first 100000 probably not, and then million and so forth. The government is there to serve the people, the second amendment, the right to bear arms, was issued just in case the government became a tyranny.

P2P's are hardly worth the mention, but apparently Hollywood is losing a centillion infinity dollars, that's why their actors, production companies are going bankrupt...yea right.

How much does an A list celebrity make? 20 million a million, how much did Titanic make, close to 1 billion dollar...And they make it seem like a serious issue after all these earnings? How much do foreigners make in sweatshops? Pennies an hour...
johnodd4 Suspended account
this is great because bearshare contained viruses and bad download links and mostly links from mexico only so no offense im glad to see that stupid software gone
Warez P2P, Limewire, eDonkey and SoulSeek haven't taken any action thus far.
And it's these (barring soulseek) that I don't want to see crushed by the RIAA's pointlessism.
Bear Share was full of spyware anyway and should have been sued for ruining people's computers
Too true, like Kazaa before it.
since when do we live in a democracy?
Public rule was shot down by the elites tog et bush into office if thats not good enough for you look at poltics on a whole what we have is a Working Republic to bad its like all the older politic and govermental systems....if you aint rich or elite your pretty much fodder.
If you ain't part of the MAFIAA or work for starforce you're fodder.
Starforce jsut lost Edios,if they dont bring back basic CD checks then they will be dead within 2 or 3 years.
Eidos too? Hmm, fair point then. But until they are crushed, we have to live under their fragile remains. Heretic I may be, but go securom!
it was EA or edios,either way all it takes is one alrge dev to say enough is enough,I dont mind CD checks Sec rom 7 works great works fine on my USB boxed DVD RW,sure it kinda stays in the system after you uninstall the game but hell comapred to clawing and nawing and courpting of hardware and the OS its perfect ><
Securom I like because it's strong and keeps the illegal folks out but doesn't let viruses in. Are you sure it's Eidos? It looks like they're still involved to me. EA, were they ever involved?
nuts it was Ubi Mmmmmm they might not be big enough to hurt Starforce...*sigh* I was thinking they were but meh comapred to EA or edios....mmmm *sigh*
Nah, Ubisoft and Eidos. That's still a pretty impressive boycott. If they keep it up, who knows!
flyingv Suspended due non-functional email address
I use an older version of Bearshare and it does not have any problems. But if they are going to go "offline", anyone have other program sugestions? Bearshare and Limewire are the only 2 programs I've ever used and now don't know where to turn. This RIAA hammer and sickle needs to be taken down!
Maybe you should seriously consider the torrent scene.
Ludikhris Suspended account
Quick novel idea..... maybe... buy your media? I dont know exactly when we decided we were the music industries police, but we have created some sort of a "its ok for us to be criminals but not them" so stealing from them is justified by them overcharging you? Im not trying to preach to everyone but the arguement is kinda out of hand. Both sides of this are very very wrong. They should not be limiting our use of media, I want to rip my own MP3s and I am going to do it regardless. Then you have the people that say "well if it was priced at X I wouldnt be downloading for free" come on.... wake up and stop lying about it. Youre a thief and even if the tracks were .01 you would still steal them. Itunes may have draw backs but it is a VERY viable option. Sure you have to burn it and rip it to get MP3s and sure its only 128kbps tracks, but ITS ONLY $1 per track! You can go buy a single for $1 and youre saying that is too much? Stop thinking with your asses and actually fess up to what you are truly doing, you are stealing and that makes you a thief. Don't justify, just admit it. At one point I had to admit it to myself, then I started just buying CDs again. They're cheap when they fire come out anyway. I bought the new Tool, Pearl Jam, and Godsmack for 9.99 each just last week. I think I got a damn good deal for easily 3 hours of music. Just my thoughts, flame me all you want, but deep inside you know you're wrong.

Trouble is, buying an album of 100 songs for $50+ when only $10 is actually going to the artists seems almost as corrupt as downloading them for free.
flyingv Suspended due non-functional email address
One reason I like to download one or even two songs off a album is for a sample. MOST of the time, if I like the music, I'll go out and buy the CD to add to my collection (I OWN over 400+ CD's, which I have purchaced over the years.) I hate going out and paying even $10 for a new CD to get it home or into my car to find out that the only song on the album that is any good was the one that the local radio station plays over and over on the air FOR FREE! Ludikhris and sammorris both have good points, but if I choose to burn one of MY CD's for a friend and GIVE it to them, does that make me a "Robin Hood"? If so, Jolly be me!!! The recording companys are the ones making all the money and the Artist get such a small fraction, that my friends, is what is not right about!!! Luck to all!!!
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