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Problems with LAME in Vegas video and Sony Vegas

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Hello everyone!

Some of you may hav hear this quesion a million times, but i just can't find information about this anywhere else, so here goes:

I wan't to render a small video-clip, what im using is Xvid for Video and Lame for audio. The software im running is Vegas Video 4 and Sony Vegas 6 (same program, but they changed their name since version4 or something).

When i try to render with Lame for audio it says:
An error occurred while creating file *file*.avi.
An error occured while opening a codec.

Since i only get this error when the Lame codec is involved, i assume that it can't find the Lame codec. I've installed the latest stable Lame.acm with the .inf file, and i can use it in any other program involving encoding audio. Sometimes Vegas even crashed when trying to render (version 4 that is), but version 6 just complains about not finding the codec.

It's really frustrating, since it appears in the list of available codecs and all, it's just the rendering process that doesn't work..

I also know that there is a built-in mp3 codec in Vegas, but i rather use Lame, if it's possible.

So if anyone know anything about this, and maybe have a solution, then please share it with me!

Thank you! :)
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Hi gurkninja,
Don't know about Vegas software, but it is the lame_enc.dll that most audio programs require.
I encode video to AVI using GordianKnot
And I encode audio to LAME VBR MP3 using CDex
And then, to make final AVI I mux V and A together using NanDub.
Download the LAME package - we offer one here on AfterDawn
Extract the package - it does not 'install' into Windows per se - and note the lame_enc.dll file.
Search your Vegas and look for a LAME DLL that can be updated/replaced.
The Windows MP3 codec is 'locked' - it decodes but will not encode (Thanks, Bill).
Hope this helps,
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Thanks for the tips, i think ill try to use NanDub, as you suggested, since audio is the only thing that doesnn't work in Vegas. The wierd thing is that i installed LAME and all, and it appears in the list of available codecs, but i can't use LAME to encode the audio..

Anyway, thanks!
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