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Hello, I noticed that someone wrote that registering from a private torrent site, in order to get 1 MB download speed. This simply is not the way to think about this. It is best to think of downloading a torrrent from a site like and then the trick is to find the item you want and download the torrent with the highest "seeds" + "leech".

This is the "true" way to get a super fast torrent. As you are downloading the hashes from different clients, the more clients that have different hashes the better the chance you will receive the final file, and it will download quickly.

My 2 cents

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If only it were that simple.

First off, I don't recollect anyone saying to get 1mb speed you needed to register w/ a private server...that's not even all that fast anyway.

I usually get about 2mbit speeds from non-private trackers, 3-5 from private.

Non private trackers have problems w/ virii, incompletes/fakes uploaded by the original copyright holder, and are closely, CLOSELY monitored by anti-piracy agencies.

Some private trackers actually limit connections by blocking the p2p blocklist by the peerguardian folks, but most enforce ratio rules, which means that established torrents are usually very well seeded. Also, uploads are generally limited to established users, so fake/incomplete/virii filled downloads are almost eliminated, as well as the fact that most private sites have active message boards for tech help, requests, patches, etc.

Now, just one more tidbit.

Seeds are good for speed.
Peers aren't, at least not as much as seeds.

a torrent with 25 seeds and 2 leechers will download significantly faster than a torrent with 500 seeds and 490-10000 leechers, because the client manipulates available speed to make all users get their fair share...which is one of the really neat things about the torrent technology. last thing...I don't think hash is the word you mean to use. Pieces is the word you want, hash corresponds to the memory imprint of the file, to guarantee each person participating in the transaction has the same exact file. Different hashes = bad. Different pieces, = good. that's another kickass thing about torrents...when someone is superseeding, they'll send different pieces to each leecher, so that eventually the torrent might be hosted 500% with only 1 active seeder, which means peers share to each other, and can continue to fully host the file even if the seed dissapears.


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