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How do i play downloaded games(uTorrent)?

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Need more info: what system is it for, do you have a chip for the system, what files were downloaded(.rar, .001, .zip) Can't help u till more info is provided.
ok i got the game to install and now its asking me to insert the correct CD-rom but since i dont have one how can i start the game?
I am not sure how to help you, ur question is too broad. Please provide more details so you can be guided in the right direction.
I got the game to install but to be able to play the game you need the game disk to play it. That is the problem I dont have a disk to play the game. Do you or anybody else know what to do?
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I think I know what you mean.
The particular game (and most of the games nowadays) 'demand' for the game CD to be inserted. Since you don't have the CD, then you should look around the internet to find a 'No CD crack' for the particular game (IF there is one). Further more, you should check the section regarding the use of Alcohol 120%, making a virtual drive and mounting the game file there. The question is, what kind of file was the one you downloaded? Was it a .rar, an .iso, an .nrg? Please check the file extension and let us know and even better, what is the name of the game? :)

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The files were all IMAGE.img, IMAGE.ccd, IMAGE.sub, and IMAGE.rar. I used Daemon Tools to install these IMAGE files. I think Daemon Tools is the same as Alcohol 120% but I dont know bc I used Daemon for the first time last night. So all I need to do is to find a (no cd crack). If this is correct do you or anybody else know a good site to find these cracks.
also how do i use a no cd crack
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