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tunebite for mac

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I was wondering if there is a version of tunebite for os x?
or a similar software???
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Isn't Audio Hijack a audio programm?
I need something for video
will take some work.. but here's what i found after about 2 minutes of searching Google.

i believe ffmpegx also does it..

looks like vlc would be the easier one..

I don't see any option to convert m4v in VLC...
I tried ffmpex it didn't work
what are you trying to do? record video streaming?
so i'm guessing you want to have this in the mv4 file?

sorry.. a little more info would be nice.

oh ok sorry about that

I downloaded some m4v video files. I can watch them on my computer but I would prefer to watch them on TV
so how can i burn them to DVD?
I tried toast 7 didn't work, ffmpegx didn't work.
I found something online about Tunebite, they say it does the job. but it's only for windows, I think, and I'm a mac user

thanks for you help
sizzle is for dvd authoring..

i'm not sure if that will work..

you can also check out streamclip..

will it convert dmr protected files?
dont believe so..
doesnt hurt to try

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non of them worked :-(
any other idea?
cant think of anything else

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