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playing games off a external hard drive

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Is there any way to play back up games on an external hard drive? If so how? I want to get a decent modchip but really dont know what to get. Any suggestions? Once I get the modchip how do I put games on the external hard drive and play them off of it. I heard it was possible but wasnt sure. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
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well you can but it is not the best solution for sure. External hard drives are slower due to the USB connection and will save laser life but not run much faster than the DVD would.
What you would need is a program called USB Extreme.

Here is your all around best solution.
Get a DMS4 Pro SE mod chip which is geared towards people installing hard dives in PS2's. Then if it is an older chunky model all you need is a network adapter & and internal IDE hard drive.
The ToxicOS the chip runs off of can format the drive, install games to the drive strait from the DVD, and play them. It also has a built in cheat device that will allow you to play games with cheat codes off of the hard drive.

option #2 is if you have or play to get a slimline.
You can get the DMS4 Pro, and internal IDE hard drive like above. But get them to mod the case and put it in what is called an HD Combo case. It will look like the older chunky model and have the hard drive internal.

the internal hard drive will give you much faster loading times than an external will.
other good chips include the Matrix Infinity & Crystal Chip V1.1 but i can not tell you of their hard drive capabilities.

how good is the DMS4 E.Z.I. Lite?
i do not care much for the solderless chips. And if i were to get one it would not be the EZI Lite but the EZI Pro (the DMS4 Lite or EZI Lite will not have the hard drive functions you are looking for, just the Pro version)
The chips can be tricky to install and get working if you do not know what your doing. They are easy to break when installing and they have a chance of shaking loose.

The soldered in DMS4 chips would be a better choice. Have one installed by a pro, do not attempt it yourself unless you can get some good instruction and are an expert with a soldering iron as there are about 17 tiny wires and soldering points to worry about.
I know someone who mods Xbox's and knows his way around chips and motherboards. He said his first PS2 he did took him 3 hours.
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if you can play games from and external hdd can play them from a external hdd on xbox too?
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