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Easy to follow Guide on How to Hack the Xbox 360 Samsung Drive

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Xbox 360 Samsung Drive Hack

Many people including myself found the instructions too complicated from other websites, so once i completed the hack successfully i decided to write it the instruction as simple as possible.

So here you go:

first step is to open the xbox 360.

Heres a good website to check out:

First to read the firmware on your xbox 360, you need to connect the xbox 360 dvd drive to your pc via a SATA cable, take the sata cable out of your xbox 360 drive, and attach a longer sata cable from your xbox 360 drive to the motherboard of your PC.

go to

the link is called: download xtreme firmware

i cannot give link because the website is down at the moment

and download the samsung drive hack starter pack. it has all the files required. unzip all of them so u only have to drag and drop.

First format the Floppy, on format window tick 'Create MS-DOS startup disk'

Than copy all contents in the folder named 'Floppy'

Your xbox 360 needs to be powered on and the video cable needs to be connected although it a TV is not required to be attached

Turn on your pc Boot to floppy disk, type in the following command:

mtkflash r /m orig.bin

it will than ask you to choose what drive to read.

click the appropriate one. it should be SEC MASTER

once it has read your drive, it will ask to re-boot pc.
(this process takes only 2-3 minutes)

reboot pc, and go back to windows. take out the orig.bin made on your floppy and save it to a few places so you dont lose it.

There are at least 2 ways to edit the orig.bin file. i found it easier to use HEX wORKSHOP 4.2.

Open hex workshop 4.2 and click open, select the orig.bin firmware. once loaded do the following:

ctrl + G

type in 4000 than ok

than go 'edit', select block, and enter 200.

now copy it. open the xtreme.bin. do the same until its highlighted but instead of copying paste it.

now save this to a few places too - call it modified.bin

save it to your floppy disk and reboot.

once floppy disk has booted type this:

mtkflash w /m modified.bin

choose the drive and it will begin writing.

this should not take longer than 5 minutes.

when it finished re-boot pc - u will be asked to reboot

now test a backed-up game to see if it works. if u have not burnt one yet, try booting a original game, if it does work than u've done it correctly!!!

Now give yourself a pat on the back, thank me for writing it in its simplest form!!!

I will write another guide on how to burn Xbox 360 games later.

*** If i have missed anything out, or you spot any mistakes please do tell me so i can edit it ***
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good noob tutorial. if you have the perfect set up this tutorial is perfect for you... however if you are part of the 60% of people who have problems, get a pci card with the via 6421 chipset, update the drivers, and get the mtk via fixed .exe and follow the same instructions.

PS: How do you undo the hack, just do the final step but with orig ?
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yep, u just type

mtkflash w /m orig.bin

thats wot i did when i did not flash my drive correctly and the drive would not play any game.
did you use a pci card? if so which 1?

I'm going to be using:
*agent47* Suspended account
no i meant i just connected my sata cable to my motherboard and it worked. i did not have any more problems.
*agent47* Suspended account
no i meant i just connected my sata cable to my motherboard and it worked. i did not have any more problems.
*agent47* Suspended account
no i meant i just connected my sata cable to my motherboard and it worked. i did not have any more problems.
can any one help me i am located in houston
so if u did this hack could u get banned from xbox live

and did u say it was possible to burn Xbox 360 games!?
you could get banned from live, but right now, even after the newest live update, people are not getting banned.

and yes, you can backup your xbox 360 games and play them with this hack.
Can I plug an Sata cable in an IDE slot or do I need a PCI card one?
how could you possibly do that?

you have to get a sata pci card. and not any sata pci card, but one with a vt6421L chipset. they cost about 15 dollars CDN. type in VIA 6421L on google, and find a site to buy it from.
you dont have to have a 6421l chipset. there are compatability threads / lists for which work with which dvd drive.

however i used teh 6421l with 5.20c drivers and it worked perfect.

super easy tutorial -memory card exploit using swap magic cd:
Burning ps2 save games and transferring them to memory card:
Well I got my PCI SATA card yesterday. I'm going to give the hack a try tomorrow. I've already DLed 7 pre-patched games off the newsgroups to test out. Here's the card I got.
does this tutorial work with the other drives or is this just for the hitachi? if not can i get a dummies guide for the other 2
ronnie1o1 Suspended account
this is for the samsung drive. For the hitachi please go to #fw on efnet, in the topic they have all the usefull links that you will need to sucessfully flash the hitachi. Goodluck.
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XbOxOwNeR Suspended account

i have mtkflash loaded on my pc at startup...i type the command then i get three drives...ide master...nforce 3 master and nforce 3 slave...what do i press from there...i chose nforce3 slave and it seemed it was working but it never told me to reboot...i waited like 20 min.....what do i do?

New Sig In Tha Makin
Does it matter what OS you are running to do this? Plus, This is for sammy drive, Can anyone direct me to a guide for the Hitachi Drive?
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Big Thanks To Jamaal10!
sorry if this isn't appropriate.

i have been trying the samsung mod, has anyone had a problem with there pc seeing the xbox dvd, then not seeing it next time i boot????

please advise if you can.

the same pc saw the hitachi dvd and that was easy to flash but the samsung isn't as easy.

My mtkflash needed to be edited. Maybe yours does too.
*agent47* Suspended account
i created this guide lol, but i dont know the easiest way to rip games so i can burn copies. any links or help would be appreciated. once i have mastered it i will write a noob tutorial.
Excellent guide for Samsung and Hitachi hack and creating backups:
hey i just read this... seems SATA is curial!

what if my PC doesnt' have SATA? my mobo is still on old ATA/IDE.


You'd have to buy a sata pci card. You'd want one with the via vt6421L chip set:

Good thing is that's it's cheap. Your other option is would be to get the Xecuter Xbox360 HDD/DVD to PC USB Converter once it's available for the Samsung drive. Looks like it'll be alot less hassle and should be available real soon. (scroll about a 1/3 down the page)
thanks you da man. I thihnk i'm getting with it now. i got newsgroup understood and underway working... now just need to re-read the fireware mod.

btw: if i bought a chip it would be easier, i woundn't have to do that mod above?

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