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Optimizing Color Settings on my TV

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Hi all,
I have an older model CRT TV, a Panasonic CT-20G6E. The problem is, I've never been able to get a sharp, bright, and colorful picture out of it. The Normal setting for these isnt too great, and I wanna know if there is a program or something that can find the optimal combination of the settings. If there isnt a program out there like that, I have the settings: Color, Tint, Brightness, Picture, and Sharpness. Someone help me get the most out of my TV.

Much appreciated,
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I have a TV with the same settings. Let me guess, it has the little manual knobs on it instead of an actual interactive menu? I hate these >_<.

Actually, there's not really any way of adjusting these to an exact specification. They're made this way for your personal preference; in other words, you just have to play with the adjustments until you see what looks best to you. But, here's an idea that MIGHT work.

Try playing a video with an almost fully-colored screen on it at some point (such as a "News Flash" screen out of a cartoon). Use Paint or another program on your computer and try to match the display as best you can to the color in Paint that should most match the correct color.

I know thats a weak idea, but maybe you can find something like that to do. Older manual tuning TVs are just a hassle to adjust; thats why newer TVs do it automatically with presets :D.
Yeah i was thinkin the same thing. I'll find a screenshot from a movie I own and adjust the setting to that and see how it turns out. Thanks for the reply.
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Pop this in your DVD player and follow the instructions on how to adjust your picture:
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Excellent post dblbogey7! I was about to post the home page of DVE as soon as I read the thread title.
Actually, there's not really any way of adjusting these to an exact specification.
Oh yes there is... Everything is intended to look a certain way by the people that created the content (the producers and directors). There's no room for personal prefference at all if you care about picture quality. Most of it centers around setting an appropriate "Black Level" and "Tint".

The DVE disc contains alot of tools that have helped me calibrate my system. Its also filled with info on how and why everything works!

DVE homepage:

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Thanks Ced.

DVE is a must have for anyone serious about getting the most out of their display.
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