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help. i cant play dvds on my ps2

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they said id have to have a file in my memory card for the console to read my dvd movies. but where can i get it and how can i put it in my memory card. i'm not into all this tech stuff... so someone please help me.
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who told you that you need a file on your memory card? thats just stupid i have never seen a file for my ps2 on my memory card and also what about the people without memory cards?Who ever said that is most likely lying. Your lens might be going.

How long have you had your ps2? do you keep it in the vertical position or the horizontal postion? Do you leave it in standy by over night? Does your PS2 play ALL of your games?Is your PS2 modded? If yes which mod-chip?

Answer those questions and that should make it easier for people to answer yours?

you do have a dvd player file on your memory card. but i dont thnk you need to play dvd's. i think its just the dvd settings.

a PS2 will play back up copies of movies with no modification needed.
You do not need any file on your memory card either.
They probably thought you were talking about DVD Game back ups.
They are not like games, they are not pressed discs that have a section the PS2 can't read.
So as long as you use a good copy program and some good media they will play just fine. Although they have to be from your region to work correctly on your TV
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yeah but what i was getting at when i said "is your ps2 modded?" i meant that on some mod-chips you need to go into a certain function for it to play your dvd.

ok, i can understand that now.
Some do have special boot modes that need to be used for movies.

Yes, as u press the power button u need to hold it down till the system boots the DVD.

thank you to all of you guys who replied. i was having a problem playing dvd movies on my ps2, its the slim one i bought about a month ago. i have no problem playing game copies on it. it even play a pirated game dvd my friend bought for about $1.25usd each. talk about dirtcheap games, although i have doubts about it being bad for my ps2. i back up my original ps2 games on dvd though., the gold ones. what it cant play though are my movies, so i just bought a dvd player worth about $35.00usd it plays almost all formats and all regions ^__^ good buy huh. i luv Philippines.
wooo pinoy power! sorry, just had to get that in there.

My PS2 is playing all the backup games but not playing the backup movies. I'd tried this using DVDDecrypter to remove the region codes.
Mine SCPH-74006 NTSC/J. i'd removed only US Region Code Enhancement and burned the movie but my ps2 failed to boot this movies
OK...for all you newbies to PS2...
When you put an internal modchip into your PS2, whatever model it might be, you automatcially deactivates the DVD playback option. The microchip used to play DVD movies, is overidden by the modchip, and therefore, you cant play movies anymore.

There are two solutions to this problem.
Solution 1: Buy a PS2 remote control for about 10-15 dollars, which comes with a special disk, or just ask your retailer for one. Next, put the disk in the tray. The disk should be blue. Once loaded, it will permit you to save the DVD playing software on the memory card. Once this step s completed, just reset the PS2 and enjoy a movie. (Plus, with this method, you get a TV remote control so you can watch you movie like on a dvd player.

Method 2: This method doesnt work all the time. It all depends on the type of modchip you own. With some modchips, all you have to do is press the RESET (Green Light) button for 10 seconds and this will deactivate the modchip, thereby permitting you to watch DVD movies. On others, this simply doesnt work so i recommend method 1.

Good Luck
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i have tried the second method and it turned out to work out well but will it damage my modchip
Nothing will damamge your modchip apart from age, a magnet, or spilling water on it. There is no way your Ps2 can reprogram the Modchip so you dont have to worry. Glad the method worked for you. Have fun with you dvd now!
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