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Bitcomet shutting down internet connection

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I am running Window XP sp2 and has my computer connected to a Netgear Router then to the cable modem. everytime I run Bitcomet (both version 0.57 & 0.68) after ten minutes or so, my internet shuts down completely and would not let me surf and bitcomet downloading torrent files stop also. I had to power reset my router and internet is back to normal but like another ten minutes, it does the same thing. this does not happen when I don't use bitcomet, my internet is fine. Can someone here help me out what is goin on. I can not complete my download. i did config the port forwarding by following the AD guides from DVD member. please help or should I use another torrent client for it. thanks
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hi mate, i think it should work normally with version 0.60, i had this for over a year without any problems, as soon as i upgraded the program i had the same problem that u had, which was a real pain in the arse whilst trying to download the entire season 2 of lost!!

let us know if this helps, sorry if not.

thanks for the respond but do you have any router connected to your computer and Cable Modem? Also, I had the older version too. 0.57 and it had the same problem. please advise

hi, i do have a router, i also found out that my advice was wrong as my 0.60 version keeps cutting out now, so i downloaded utorrent (which i was assured was the best available!) and this was fine for about half an hour but the same just happened again, i have found loads of people with this problem, and not one way of sorting it out!

it's so annoying isn't it! sorry i can't help mate. if i find anything, i'l let u know.
or use bit tornado, which seems to be ok so far, bit slow at first but it's picking up now

The thing is that you should configure BitComet to allow only a certain maximum upload speed. It's not in the BitTorrent spirit to limit it like that.
Anyway, as I was saying you should set the limit to your BitComet 10 KB/s less than your ISP gives you to upload.
Also you can set the limit of maximum Half Open to 100, because it has no point using 600. I have mine set on 512 but when I download I have at least 500 - 1000 - 1500 peers and need fast connecting. Also, I recommend you to set BitComet Maximum Connections per task to 128 minimum or more than 512 if you have a very good internet connection.
I have only one thing to add though:
BitComet -> Statistics -> TCP Connections -> Half-Open. If there is a bigger number than 100 when you have set the limit in BitComet to 600 then you must be lucky. 100 means that there are 100 connections to be made simultaneously, which seem to be a rare situation.
hi there... im having problem using bitcomet... though it's my first time to encounter such.. there was no problem with bitcomet b4 but now, everytime i use bitcomet, my internet connection drops down to zero.. or totally gets disconnected.. accdg to analog X's program, the net connection gets crazy as it goes up then comes plummeting down.. pls help anyone T_T...

Im a Bitcomet user and im having trouble using it.. i have been using it along time but it's now that i encountered such problem... when i use bitcomet, my net connection drops to zero.. or totally disconnected.. why and how come? pls help T_T
Kildare, please use search or start new thread if u have a problem, dont post ur problems in other topics.

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