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burn xbox double layer game

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I burned my game with dvd decrypter into memorex dvd+r dl 8.5GB dvd disc. When I insert it in dvd drive, xbox says NO DISC. I have no problems with my previuos dvd+r, dvd-r 4.7gb dvds.
I have softmoded xbox with thomson dvd drive.

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what are you using to make the iso??

I downloaded iso from bittorrent

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it might just be a bad iso have you gotten games to work before??

I havent tryed dl dvds before.
I burned this one: Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix Xbox Www Limitedivx Com. It was about 4.8 GB

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well the only way a dbl layer will work is if you had a dbl layer dvd drive in ur xbox

Your xbox doesn't have to be a double layer drive. I backed up my copy of ESPN NFL 2K5 onto a Memorex DVD+R DL disc with no problem at all and my xbox is version 1.0
Memorex discs are the worst.
You should start using a better quality media when you run out.
If you have a dual layer burner, then you can just use DVD Decrypter to burn the ISO file to a dual layer disc.
Then your Xbox may or may not play it depending on if it likes that type of media or not.
It may just not like those DVD's
one thing i know you can do if you really want to is to remove the entire video folder, then build the ISO
It will not cause the game to crash and it will save you 1GB of space so that it will fit onto a regular DVD5
That or just try a better quality DVD+R DL and see if the xbox can read it.

cearel Suspended due non-functional email address
awww nice to know

Hey I'm having the same problem with this iso. This remix version has a bunch of extas I'm guessing vids and crap. So what program do I need to extract the files from the iso so I can delete come stuff?

I have Nero 6 can I use that or do I need an xbox specific program?
Craxtion4, Qwix
either one can extract an Xbox ISO to its file folder, then rebuild the ISO for you when your done.

I bought new xbox (manuf. 2005+) with thompson dvd drive and now its reading all my DL dvd's.

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